Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yesterday's daily ten

Was in an Excel class all day so I got to wear jeans and Jack Purcell's.
Had internet access during my class for the slow times and my teacher didn't care if we got on it.
My teacher was awesome. So funny. I wasn't really looking forward to 8 hours of Excel but it wasn't bad.
My teacher was from Newark and she kept saying "form-a-ler" for formula. It cracked me up.
Finished with class at 3:45. So nice!
My dad came into the city!
We had dinner at his favorite Italian restaurant and got a perfect corner seat. Great for people watching.
Brad came to the city after his appointment in PA, and we all got together after dinner. Like every other time I get together with Brad, it ended up with us laughing hysterically at the dinner table. The kind of laugh where you're doubled over, slapping the table, and embarrassed because you're making a scene, but you can't stop.
Britt got back to the city.
I had the perfect salad from Cosi for lunch.

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Katie McNeil said...

I love Cosi. That is all.