Friday, November 30, 2007


I knew I didn't like that Suri.  

One of the better signs I've seen

Today.  Walking to Grand Central.  Homeless guy with a cardboard sign.  Made me crack up.

Britney's having another baby.  Need money to buy another gift please.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting

I was so excited for the tree lighting.  I saw it being put up a few weeks ago, and have walked by it a few times since.  Chelsie and I got over to Rockefeller Center about 2 hours before the program started at 7pm.  We quickly decided we didn't want to stand around in the cold and crowds until the program started, and then have to wait two more hours until they lit the tree at 9pm.  We were kinda bummed because the performers scheduled were: Celine Dion, Barry Manilow, Ashley Tisdale, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Josh Groban.  
We did get to hear a couple performers a few times just as we were walking around, but there was no way we could get close enough, and then wanted to wait forever, to actually see them.  Nick Lachey and Ashley Tisdale were the hosts, who we saw, and Al Roker was the host for the NBC tv special.

This picture is kind of blurry because we had to take it quickly since they wouldn't let people stop there.
We decided to go get something to eat to kill some time.  Then we headed over to Virgin Megastore, because there's always so many things to look at there, and then went to Starbucks before heading back for the lighting.
The tree before it was lit.
We were seriously SO SMASHED in the crowds.  Chelsie got shoved back a little behind me.  It was seriously ridiculous how packed it was.  We watched from 5th Ave at 50th St, which is probably the main spot to watch from.  You get a head on view.  I literally have never been so smashed in my life.  I'm sure if I picked up my feet I wouldn't have even budged because I was so wedged between people.  It surprised me how angry people got at others for not moving out of their way when they were trying to just pass through.  Honestly, there was NO where to go!!  Nothing like a nice holiday tradition to bring out the best in people....
The tree in all its glory!!
Here's the video I took of the countdown to the lighting.  Enjoy!

Roll call

I've done it, you've done it, we've all done it.  Blog lurking.  There's no shame!  But come on, introduce yourself already!  I know, for some reason or another we're all fascinated with everyone else's lives.  I find myself addicted to blogs that belong to people I don't even know!  However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I'm now toying with the idea of going private.  I really don't want to for so many reasons, but may end up going that route.  My friends who've gone private, please comment and tell me if you're glad you did.  And the rest of you?  Let me know who you are!  Thanks.

Dinner at Ulysses and August Rush with Curtis

Thanksgiving dinner in Harleman Halls

There's an apartment building in Harlem where lots of members live, so it's now referred to as Harleman Halls.  (For my non-LDS readers, there's a dorm at BYU called Helaman Halls.)  Some of my friends were nice enough to host Thanksgiving dinner for about 25 people.  If you've ever been to a New York apartment, you know they are pretty small.  As you can see, the hosts did a phenomenal job of accomadating everyone.  We started off with appetizers in one apartment, and then went to another for dinner.  They'd set up such a beautiful presentations.  Everyone brought delicious food, and there was way more than enough to go around.  I brought my mom's delicious pumpkin bar dessert that's always a big hit.

Scottie and Steve
Lisa Tadje, one of the hosts.  Isn't she adorable?

Steve and Mike-two of my favs.

Obviously we had a total blast.  I am so thankful for such wonderful people!!

81st annual Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade

So Mikey and I got up and headed to the Upper West Side on Thanksgiving morning.  We met around 7am.  Luckily for us the weather was absolutely perfect.  You wouldn't really know, because of the way I'm dressed, but I actually was a little toasty in all the layers.
We had a great time.  We didn't last night whole parade, but saw most of it.  It was so fun.
Our viewing spot: 72nd Street and Central Park West.
A man watching from his park side apartment.  Must be nice.

The first balloon.  It was actually really cool to see these go by, better than we'd anticipated.

Snoopy, one of the classics.
Nikki Blonski from the Hairspray movie (we also saw Jordan Sparks, Good Charlotte, Ashley Tisdale, Bindi Irwin, Miss USA Rachel Smith, etc.)
The Big Apple!
Some rich kids watching from their window.  This reminded me of the little girl from Miracle on 34th Street.
Shrek!  A new balloon this year.
Another new balloon, a silver bunny.  I read an article about it in the paper, but now I can't remember what it was supposed to be...

So everyone kept putting their kids up on their shoulders so at times it was really hard to see.  There was one family in front of us where the day kept having to switch between 3-4 kids, and they all were pretty big whiners.  The biggest whiner, however, was a girl who was about 11 or 12, and probably 5'5".  Honestly, she was as tall as some of the moms there, and kept squealing and throwing a fit when her dad wouldn't pick her up.  I'm such a jerk because I came so close to just saying to her, "Aren't you a little big to be being picked up?!"  
The worst vision I have, however, was this kid in front of me.  I happened to turn my head for a second and this was the view, literally inches in front of my face.  Nice.
When we were heading toward the train there were these people who just had their parrot out, chillin on the window sill.  Love it.


The night before the parade you walk through the area where the balloons are inflated.  Mike and I went through.  Here are our pictures.

This is right where we saw Mayor Bloomberg. 

It's Christmas time in New York

So as I'd mentioned in my last post, I did a lot of window shopping over Thanksgiving weekend.  The pictures obviously don't do justice, but these displays really were gorgeous.
This first one is at Lord and Taylor.  They had a bunch of different windows showing Christmas in all different parts of the world.  The displays were so intricate and beautiful.

This one's in Venice.
This is inside Lord and Taylor.  Gorgeous.
L&T  This one is in France.
Outside view of Lord & Taylor.  This store is just on the next block from my work so I see this every night as I leave the office.
The windows at Saks 5th Ave were really cool.  They told a story as you walked down and looked at each one, which was narrated by Marlo Thomas.
More Saks.
The tree at Rockefeller Center.  Not quite ready to be lit up just yet!
The ice skaters at Rockefeller Center.  I want to do this!
Random car that drove by with all these creepy Santas...please note the one in the trunk.  Only in New York, kids....
I wanna say this is Bergdorf Goodman, but I can't remember...

Giant snowflake near Tiffany and Co.
Bloomingdales.  Mike thought I should at least be in one picture.
Barney's had the coolest windows.  The theme was a green Christmas.  

Everything in this display was made of aluminum cans.
All the green celebs, including Prince Charles, Darryl Hannah, Bette Midler, George Clooney, Bono, etc.
This pic so doesn't do justice.  This was the world and the buildings all over were made from perfume boxes and different things.  Everything was recyclable.  Is that a word?  Anyway, it was really cute and creative.