Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Photo montage

So I have so many photos I intended to write so much about, but since I'm so behind I'm kind of clumping them all together.
Chelsie had tickets to a Mets game that she got from work.  Even though I'm a Yankees fan I thought a free game with good seats sounded like fun.  It ended up being an AWESOME game.  There was a huge fight and both dugouts and bullpens emptied out not once, but twice!  They were playing the Devil Rays.  The Mets killed them.  Below are two pictures of the fight.

One day I left work to grab a quick bite and this huge pink elephant came out of no where and suddenly was standing right next to me.  I couldn't even help myself, I just burst out laughing because it was so random, and then took this picture from behind.  NYC, totally normal.  Love it.

A Tiffany & Co. opened on Wall St, right by my apartment.  "The Heart of Wall St."  On the day it opened there were staff everywhere handing out things for free.  This is the classic New York Black and White cookie, except they changed the black to Tiffany's teal and added the satin white bow!  There was a string trio playing, and people handing out free Wall Street Journals.  All the carts with coffee and breakfast pastries were giving out anything people wanted for free (on Tiffany's.)  The coffee cups were also changed to Tiffany's teal.  There were also people giving out free Tiffany teal umbrellas!  I couldn't find them and was so sad.  It was such a cool day though!

This is the apartment building Madonna and Jerry Seinfeld live in.  It's on Central Park West.  When I lived in my old apartment I went jogging by it and never even knew!  I found out when I was walking past it and a paparazzi pointed out Madonna's actual apartment.  (I had a picture and accidently deleted it.)  She had navy and white curtains.

New York Fashion Week was held in Bryant Park, right in front of my work!  For two weeks there were very posh, very chic people dressed in black and other fancy attire.  It was fun!  So many models everywhere.


brenna said...

Oh how i miss that place...

linds said...

can i come live with you? that looks so fun!

Rae said...

Yes! You would make our apartment SO cute, and we would have SO much fun!!