Friday, November 16, 2007


Jessica Simpson was at the Macy's in Herald Square a few weeks ago.  I read about it in the paper, and I totally went.  I'm actually kind of a Jess-hater, so don't ask me why I'm still obsessed with any celebrity, whether I'm a fan or not.  I just can't help it.  She's definitely a legit celeb, and I couldn't pass up the chance to met her.  (But be proud of me, because Paris Hilton was there last week and I didn't bother wasting my time.)
I told my roommates about it and Sarah went down and got a pass as well (they were only giving out 250....okay fine, and we also had to spend $50 on a Jessica Simpson item; we both bought shoes.)
So we got in line with all the other lolly-gaggers and then found out we couldn't take pictures with her!  LAME!  I was seriously annoyed.  I mean, okay, I don't think every celebrity should have to take a picture with every person that ever stops them, but come on.  Like I said, they capped off the people at 250.  So take a second and take a picture with people who've showed up, stood in line, bought your product, and give you a career!
We were in line for probably about an hour and were behind these two adorable girls from England who were beyond ecstatic to meet Jessica.  They were so fun to talk to.
Anyway, when it was finally my turn to meet her I have to admit, I was kind of nervous; I have no clue why.  BUT, after meeting her my attitude about her changed.  OKAY, I know she probably had her best PR face on, but she was really sweet.  I walked up to her and said, "Hi Jessica, it's nice to meet you.  My name's Rachel."  She shook my hand and was sweet, and then started signing the 8x10 glossy of herself, and actually personalized it, and took time signing it instead of just scribbling.  She even stopped to ask me how to spell my name, which surprised me.  I guess I would just expect a celeb not to really care.  I thanked her and she told me it was nice to meet me.  When I met up with Sarah and and the English girls they were very jealous my autograph was personalized.
Once we walked back behind the velvet ropes we could take pictures so I got a few shots in.

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