Saturday, November 27, 2010

You should be totally jeal'

Today I finally got to meet one of the most special girls in the world, Piper Jane. Little Pip is a giant in a tiny body. She touches the hearts of hundreds, probably thousands, all over the blogging world (and real world.) Her mama is a friend of mine, Reagan. Reags writes one of my favorite blogs, Reagan's Blob. She is entertaining, funny, has amazing fashion sense, and inspiring. I love her blob because it always lifts me up, makes me laugh, and shed a tear or two (the good kind.)
Reag and I met right after I moved to New York, and I'm so glad we did, because years later we reconnected on the blogging world and realized we'd already met and were already friends.
She's now my hair stylist (which is a huge deal because I'd been going to the same girl back in California since I was 15 and was scared to find someone new.) She also has a hair blog, which I love, Hair Dresser on Fire.
Anyway, I love this family. We don't get to hang out as much as I'd like because we live a good distance from each other (but thankfully not as much now that I moved!) and because life just gets insane. We've been trying to nail down a date to get together for weeks, but something always comes up. Luckily, when Reagan asked me yesterday if I was free this morning to go see Piper I could say yes! I was so excited to finally meet this little darling I've been loving to pieces through piptures and stories thanks to her mom and dad, Jake, who I should mention was one of the nicest, first people I met when I moved here.
It's no surprise this family is so loved in the real world and blogging world. Okay, enough gushing, thanks for being my friends Reagan, Jake and Piper! You are some of my favs! (PS Did I mention they totally inspired my this year by running the NYC marathon? They're hardcore.)
Piper giggling with her mama, in their matching stripes.

Piper taking a nappy.

When we had to leave Piper was still sleeping. Reagan put her in her bed and she immediately pulled her blankie over her head. How adorable is she, and how jealous are you of her cute shoes? I know. You should see her entire collection. I died over them.

PS Sadly I don't have a pipture to prove it, but you better believe I mauled little Piper. Thankfully she was super friendly and let me. (Don't be too deceived though, she is a spunky sassy little thing, and I did get backhanded once. And I loved it.) :)