Monday, April 26, 2010

What do Metallica and Mariano Rivera have in common?

They help me get through the last five minutes of a long or hard run. I'm sure I've blogged about it before, but for those of you who don't know Mo, he's arguably the best closer of all time. Metallica's Enter Sandman blasts from the speakers when Girardi makes the call to the bull pen to come finish up the game. As soon as those beginning strums of the guitar start playing the crowd. goes. insane. The energy is incredible and indescribable. Usually when I'm at the game I'm jumping up and down and screaming and singing along so loud I get light headed. (Is that weird?) Anyway, so when I hear this song randomly come on while I'm walking down the street I get really pumped and really excited, and usually a big smile comes on my face. I can't help it. So naturally, this is my fail proof song that helps me finish out a run. Sort of ironic.

  • I think I may have this year's core leave figured out. I'm not positive, but pretty sure. It's hard to commit (weird) but I think I'm excited about it. (BTW, I just read through all the comments left on that post, and they made me feel really good, even over a year later. Thanks. :) )
  • My tub sucks. Seriously. I think it needs to be snaked. (Is that the right word?) Well, I mean, I know it does. I drano it probably once a month but after about two weeks the water doesn't drain, which means it needs to be cleaned more frequently, which is annoying. And even when it is clean, it's like a freaking slip and slide. No joke. I even bought some of those sticky no-slip stickers and put them on the tub but they don't do that much. RRRRR.
  • I have to admit, despite some rain (April showers.....I know) we've had a pleasant, and pretty long spring. Usually if you blink you can miss spring, and sometimes even fall, in New York. They really are the best seasons here, and I've really been enjoying them.
  • I had the perfect weekend last weekend of fun, productivity, and relaxation. It was...perfect.
  • I need to blog Dallas, I know. I need to blog a lot of things. (Rio, you are haunting me!)
  • Speaking of haunting, last night we were at my friend's hanging out and the discussion of crack came up. Yes, "crack is whack" crack. The conversation went on and one of the girls there told a story about how she recently was b* slapped by this lady strung out on crack. Slapped!!! And it was on her own street, none the less. I told her she needs to move. So then we kept talking about crack and crack whores and crack dealers, etc etc etc, and then last night I dreamt I was addicted to crack. I woke up relieved.
  • Does anyone watch Parenthood? I'd thought it looked pretty funny and a guy at work was telling me how good it is so this weekend I watched a few episodes. Love. Love. It's really good. Really funny, touching, and makes me appreciate parents. And Lorelai Gilmore's in it so how could you not want to watch? It's not a family show though, so, there's your warning.
  • I was just in my shower singing happily along to a Madonna mix when Justify My Love came one. That has seriously got to be her worst song ever. It has absolutely no business being on The Immaculate Collection.
  • I went to a plastic surgeon's office today and left frustrated and annoyed. I'm considering new boobs. Kidding. (For now.) I've been toying with the idea of having my birth mark removed, just cuz. I'm not particularly insecure about it, but have just wondered if it was time to have it done. Well, I can tell you, it's not. I schlepped in the rain 41 blocks north (on the bus) just to see (one of New York Magazine's best rated) for less than 5 minutes (I'm not kidding) and have him tell me it's basically a bad idea. He can get rid of it one way, and it might come back. Or he can get rid of it another (way more expensive) way, and it'll leave a nasty scar. Awesome. I guess I'll keep the character. Oh yeah, and those few minutes cost me one hundred and fifty smackers. Due before leaving the office. Wonderful.
  • Oh!! So SO excited! Aim Brow got engaged this weekend. Hurray! I hear Jerry is a real jem.
  • Last night two of my girls I visit teach and my companion came over for dinner. I made my mom's yuuuuuummy chicken poppy seed salad and it was a hit. And sooooo delish. So delish in fact that I even had leftovers tonight. (I almost never eat leftovers.)
  • Have I mentioned my sister's having a boy?
  • It's a small small world. Melissa and her friend Arin are visiting New York right now. Love Mel and Arin's a doll. I'm glad Arin and I could finally meet because we know all the same people. Including her missionary. Who I babysat. I'm ancient. Actually, I'm ancient because a kid I babysat several times has been married for a couple years now. Weird.
  • I was in the best mood today at work which is so weird because, A-It's Monday, B-It was raining, C-I was at work, and D-I didn't get much sleep. It was a really good work day though. Until I went to the nasty doctor. Boo.
  • I had a few hours to myself which were nice, but the combo of the bad mood and solitude made me a little lonesome. A perfect recipe for the gym. Funny how I came home singing aloud. Working out really does make you happier.
  • And speaking of that, whyyyyyyyy am I such a better runner when I'm sad? I guess if I ever decide to train for a marathon I'll have to arrange it to coincide with another nasty breakup. Although, that can't really happen again because God and I have a deal.
  • Does anyone watch Say Yes to the Dress? I stumbled upon it this weekend and I'm addicted. Some of these brides and their mothers/girlfriends/future mothers-in-law/entourage make me want to cringe. Honestly it's so awkward. Nadia, if you were watching you'd have to leave the room or change the channel. And sometimes I wish I were there with them so I could scream, "Nooooo! That is NOT the dress for you!" I always wonder how their mother's can act like it's the best dress ever. Thankfully I have a mom who wouldn't let me leave the house wearing something so unflattering.

Alright, I just let out a huge sigh. I guess that means this post is done and it's time for bed.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A good day

  • It's Assistant's Day. I don't really expect anything because, well, it's a made up holiday, and I feel like, for the most part, I'm treated pretty well and shown appreciation every day. However, I do work for some great people, and have an exceptional boss. It was a very nice Assistant Day, and actually, the whole week has been/will be nice. I love my job.
  • I had to explain to my mom over the phone what a "that's what she said" joke is. I laughed really hard trying to explain it. It seems really easy, but have you tried it? I laughed so hard I did the silent wheezing grandpa laugh.
  • I got a mani pedi.
  • I enjoyed a quiet apartment.
  • I enjoyed all my roommates being home at once and sitting around chatting in the living room. It's rare that all four of us are home and awake.
  • The doormen didn't have to go on strike!
  • I'm being brought into the loop on more projects and discussions at work.
  • I got a text from one of my favorite old coworkers. I miss him.
  • I made a cute guy interviewing loosen up. It's his fourth time coming in and he's always been so serious and uptight.
  • I caught up on some correspondence.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things that made me laugh out loud today

  • The awkward IT guy making a "that's what she said joke" to the cool guy who sits next to me.
  • Talking to the boss man after he'd just spent 6 hours in a bar in Hong Kong. Laughed out loud, multiple times.
  • The expletive followed by "moron", blatantly said by one of the traders, about another trader, without remorse or shame.
  • Nat, spilling water on her desk, and then herself. At least one of us spills on ourselves daily.
  • Maria, laughing at me, because I kept gasping while we watched the season finale of Damages.
  • A random guy in the park who started talking to me as I walked by, telling me he's not stupid enough to say anything to me because I'm out of his league, and he's not as stupid as those corporate guys who wouldn't realize that. I couldn't do anything but laugh, because it was so random that this guy was telling me this (and he didn't appear crazy) and kept talking to me as I walked a different direction and couldn't stop laughing out loud.
  • Glee. I'm not a regular watcher but Kamari (my friend! So proud!) was on tonight's episode and there were a few lines that made me laugh pretty hard.
  • My roommates. Always. Can't even remember the "going to bed" conversation that we had tonight, but I had to stop a minute while I was locking the door because I was laughing too hard. These are times I'll miss when I don't hate roommates.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good things today

  • I finally finished all my photos of Flat Stanley and got him sent off back to California.
  • Delicious margarita pizza for lunch. I think it's officially my favorite.
  • The work day flew by.
  • Ashley and I bought tickets to see a show at the Tribeca Film Festival, something I've never done.
  • Confirmed visiting teaching.
  • Caught up with S-Rod, via email. So excited to see her when she comes out for work this week. Can't believe it's been almost eight years since we were hanging out at Birch Plaza. Even more so, can't believe I'm old enough to say something like that. Sick.
  • A week long hiatus due to visitors and a day of needing a break to veg I got my running shoes on, and I can honestly say I was craving it.
  • The cherry blossoms were still in bloom.
  • Ashley came over to hang out. It felt like forever since I'd seen her so it was nice to catch up.
  • An amusing and long email from Mikey to entertain me during lunch.
  • A guy who ducked while he was jogging, as I took a photo of the reservoir (that I mean to upload, but obviously didn't.) It made me smile, as he was jogging, while ducking, and smiling at me. He was cute.
  • And the best part of the day, running into Adrienne Martin and Sara Borg while I was jogging. But that's not even the best part. I tapped them as I ran and waved hello, and then kept jogging (they were just walking.) Then a few minutes later they caught up with me and started cheering really loudly, slightly embarrassing me, but making me laugh really hard, and totally making my night. I'd been on a bit of a downer and it made it all better. Then, they jogged with me, even though they were in street clothes, and even worse, street shoes! It was nice to catch up with these girls for a few minutes. They told me everyone should have cheerleaders while they run, and you know what? They're totally right. It made it so much better. Thanks guys, you are AWESOME!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

One year ago today

My friends are sitting in my kitchen discussing their upcoming trip (next month!) to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. As I sat here trying not to be super jealous I got the following text from Brooke, one of my travel buddies in Australia: So remember how one year ago we were sailing on the Great Barrier Reed?

Oh Australia.........I miss you.

Monday, April 12, 2010

No use for a title

First off, thanks to everyone for the comments about my haircut. I really didn't feel like it was that drastic of a cut from when I went short short over Christmas (well, it felt a little drastic to me, but not enough to have so many people notice.) However all your comments made me feel super good because it's been a little tough to transition to such short hair. I swore up and down I'd never have hair too short to pull back, but I guess I got over that. I can't take any of the credit though, I owe it all to the lovely and talented Reagan. Do you know Reag? If not you are seriously missing out. You should at least read her blob because not only is she hilarious, but she has the most precious angel daughter Piper.

Okay, enough gushing for one post (for now. I spent 46 hours in Dallas this weekend and to say it was fun is an understatement. It was basically non stop laughing, eating, little sleeping, catching up, and gossiping. It was so great to see some college girlfriends, and grab a bite with one of my best cousins Trish, and have a delicious brunch at my aunt Kate's. I got to spend time with my friends Will and Jess and their four, yes FOUR darling kids (more on that in a later post.) Becky and Sean let me crash at their awesome apartment which was a blast, because Sean is as fun to hang out with as any girlfriend. He and Becky are so perfect for each other.

My dad's in the city for a few days for work so tonight we met up for a run and light dinner. I've been going on and on to him (and anyone else who'll listen) about how much I love running the Reservoir, so we decided instead of just loading up on carbs at his favorite Italian joint we'd have a run and then eat something light. We had a really nice jog together and I'm always glad when one of my family members can see why I love the city so much. I'm pretty sure the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and they're so gorgeous.
After our run we walked through the park a bit, then down Central Park West, and then over towards Broadway. We stumbled upon a place to eat, which I love doing, because now that place will forever be ours and I'll think of tonight whenever I pass by it.

I am so grateful for technology we have today. I've been catching up on conference since I missed it all while in DC. It's nice to be able to read it in the Ensign, but it's really nice to be watching it as if it's live.

I'm so happy baseball season has started. I feel like a crappy fan admitting I haven't seen any games yet, but I've either been out when they've been on, or someone else is watching something on tv and it's about five months too early to try to hijack the tv. I have, however, occasionally sat and watched the live feed on my phone. Almost as good as listening on the radio right? :) I can't wait to go to my first game of the season. The Angels are in town this week and I'd love to go to a game now that Godzilla plays for them, but that's not working out either. My dad and I were going to try to go but the days we could they're day games. We were going to go to a Mets game instead (still haven't been to the new stadium) but they're away. What luck!

Work's been incredibly busy the three weeks or so. I'm looking forward to things slowing down a bit, and being a little less stressful in the next week or so.

Alright, time to log off. I've been saying I'd go to bed early for a few weeks, and tonight it's finally going to happen. Hurray!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Missing Buzios

Photo courtesy of Jeff.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DC was lovely

My nail polish matched.

Life imitating art.

Too much light. Obviously. But most of the photos I took at least were on manual. While in Rio (one day you'll see photos) I got frustrated and took a lot on auto.

Some randoms I took a jumping photo with.

Court, me, Jac, Ashley, and Ashley. So great to reunite now that Jaclyn and Ashley #2 have moved to DC.