Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things that made me laugh out loud today

  • The awkward IT guy making a "that's what she said joke" to the cool guy who sits next to me.
  • Talking to the boss man after he'd just spent 6 hours in a bar in Hong Kong. Laughed out loud, multiple times.
  • The expletive followed by "moron", blatantly said by one of the traders, about another trader, without remorse or shame.
  • Nat, spilling water on her desk, and then herself. At least one of us spills on ourselves daily.
  • Maria, laughing at me, because I kept gasping while we watched the season finale of Damages.
  • A random guy in the park who started talking to me as I walked by, telling me he's not stupid enough to say anything to me because I'm out of his league, and he's not as stupid as those corporate guys who wouldn't realize that. I couldn't do anything but laugh, because it was so random that this guy was telling me this (and he didn't appear crazy) and kept talking to me as I walked a different direction and couldn't stop laughing out loud.
  • Glee. I'm not a regular watcher but Kamari (my friend! So proud!) was on tonight's episode and there were a few lines that made me laugh pretty hard.
  • My roommates. Always. Can't even remember the "going to bed" conversation that we had tonight, but I had to stop a minute while I was locking the door because I was laughing too hard. These are times I'll miss when I don't hate roommates.


Maria said...

ok- After reading this I was trying to remember the bed time convo too. It took a minute, but it was the fact that "marrieds" know what they signed up for!! GEEEZZEE!!!!

Trish said...

I spill coffee on myself usually once a day. Or in my car. Today it was the car. Yesterday it was my white shirt. At least water is clear. :)

And Glee! LOVED last night's episode.

The end.