Monday, April 26, 2010

What do Metallica and Mariano Rivera have in common?

They help me get through the last five minutes of a long or hard run. I'm sure I've blogged about it before, but for those of you who don't know Mo, he's arguably the best closer of all time. Metallica's Enter Sandman blasts from the speakers when Girardi makes the call to the bull pen to come finish up the game. As soon as those beginning strums of the guitar start playing the crowd. goes. insane. The energy is incredible and indescribable. Usually when I'm at the game I'm jumping up and down and screaming and singing along so loud I get light headed. (Is that weird?) Anyway, so when I hear this song randomly come on while I'm walking down the street I get really pumped and really excited, and usually a big smile comes on my face. I can't help it. So naturally, this is my fail proof song that helps me finish out a run. Sort of ironic.

  • I think I may have this year's core leave figured out. I'm not positive, but pretty sure. It's hard to commit (weird) but I think I'm excited about it. (BTW, I just read through all the comments left on that post, and they made me feel really good, even over a year later. Thanks. :) )
  • My tub sucks. Seriously. I think it needs to be snaked. (Is that the right word?) Well, I mean, I know it does. I drano it probably once a month but after about two weeks the water doesn't drain, which means it needs to be cleaned more frequently, which is annoying. And even when it is clean, it's like a freaking slip and slide. No joke. I even bought some of those sticky no-slip stickers and put them on the tub but they don't do that much. RRRRR.
  • I have to admit, despite some rain (April showers.....I know) we've had a pleasant, and pretty long spring. Usually if you blink you can miss spring, and sometimes even fall, in New York. They really are the best seasons here, and I've really been enjoying them.
  • I had the perfect weekend last weekend of fun, productivity, and relaxation. It was...perfect.
  • I need to blog Dallas, I know. I need to blog a lot of things. (Rio, you are haunting me!)
  • Speaking of haunting, last night we were at my friend's hanging out and the discussion of crack came up. Yes, "crack is whack" crack. The conversation went on and one of the girls there told a story about how she recently was b* slapped by this lady strung out on crack. Slapped!!! And it was on her own street, none the less. I told her she needs to move. So then we kept talking about crack and crack whores and crack dealers, etc etc etc, and then last night I dreamt I was addicted to crack. I woke up relieved.
  • Does anyone watch Parenthood? I'd thought it looked pretty funny and a guy at work was telling me how good it is so this weekend I watched a few episodes. Love. Love. It's really good. Really funny, touching, and makes me appreciate parents. And Lorelai Gilmore's in it so how could you not want to watch? It's not a family show though, so, there's your warning.
  • I was just in my shower singing happily along to a Madonna mix when Justify My Love came one. That has seriously got to be her worst song ever. It has absolutely no business being on The Immaculate Collection.
  • I went to a plastic surgeon's office today and left frustrated and annoyed. I'm considering new boobs. Kidding. (For now.) I've been toying with the idea of having my birth mark removed, just cuz. I'm not particularly insecure about it, but have just wondered if it was time to have it done. Well, I can tell you, it's not. I schlepped in the rain 41 blocks north (on the bus) just to see (one of New York Magazine's best rated) for less than 5 minutes (I'm not kidding) and have him tell me it's basically a bad idea. He can get rid of it one way, and it might come back. Or he can get rid of it another (way more expensive) way, and it'll leave a nasty scar. Awesome. I guess I'll keep the character. Oh yeah, and those few minutes cost me one hundred and fifty smackers. Due before leaving the office. Wonderful.
  • Oh!! So SO excited! Aim Brow got engaged this weekend. Hurray! I hear Jerry is a real jem.
  • Last night two of my girls I visit teach and my companion came over for dinner. I made my mom's yuuuuuummy chicken poppy seed salad and it was a hit. And sooooo delish. So delish in fact that I even had leftovers tonight. (I almost never eat leftovers.)
  • Have I mentioned my sister's having a boy?
  • It's a small small world. Melissa and her friend Arin are visiting New York right now. Love Mel and Arin's a doll. I'm glad Arin and I could finally meet because we know all the same people. Including her missionary. Who I babysat. I'm ancient. Actually, I'm ancient because a kid I babysat several times has been married for a couple years now. Weird.
  • I was in the best mood today at work which is so weird because, A-It's Monday, B-It was raining, C-I was at work, and D-I didn't get much sleep. It was a really good work day though. Until I went to the nasty doctor. Boo.
  • I had a few hours to myself which were nice, but the combo of the bad mood and solitude made me a little lonesome. A perfect recipe for the gym. Funny how I came home singing aloud. Working out really does make you happier.
  • And speaking of that, whyyyyyyyy am I such a better runner when I'm sad? I guess if I ever decide to train for a marathon I'll have to arrange it to coincide with another nasty breakup. Although, that can't really happen again because God and I have a deal.
  • Does anyone watch Say Yes to the Dress? I stumbled upon it this weekend and I'm addicted. Some of these brides and their mothers/girlfriends/future mothers-in-law/entourage make me want to cringe. Honestly it's so awkward. Nadia, if you were watching you'd have to leave the room or change the channel. And sometimes I wish I were there with them so I could scream, "Nooooo! That is NOT the dress for you!" I always wonder how their mother's can act like it's the best dress ever. Thankfully I have a mom who wouldn't let me leave the house wearing something so unflattering.

Alright, I just let out a huge sigh. I guess that means this post is done and it's time for bed.


Michelle said...

Right after I read that your tub needs help in draining, I read an article that using effervesint (sp?) the denture cleaner works great on slow draining shower drains. Just crush one (or two, or three) up and put down drain, and rub HOT water for a minute or two. Who knows?

And I love the show Parenthood. What a great series so far. I cried in the first episode I think. I love it so far...

By the way, I think you are a gem! :)

Debbie said...

I love reading your cracks me up.....did you get an appointment for the dermotologist for a second opinion?

Anonymous said...


Jeff said...

This crap by Gerald is just some kind of spam post. I translated some of the words and it's all about porn and crap.

Chelsie said...

Rae, Gerald's comment makes me feel uncomfortable.

Where are you going for your core leave?? P.S. You have to take one every year???

Trish said...

Ok, you've got to split these posts up so that I don't end up leaving the world's longest comment on all of your posts. Seriously, so much to say.

Love Parenthood, too. Love Peter Krause. Yum.

A boy!! Congrats to Rebecca! I need to visit her blog.

You are not old. I am. Fact.

Chicken Poppy Seed Salad? I love it so much. Too bad Scott's allergic.

Ok, just one more. I run better when I'm stressed or mad. Definitely get pumping a lot harder!! I vowed today that I want to lose 10 pounds and then went over to Brooke's and ate a hotdog and hamburger. And half a bag of chips. Sigh.

Hope you had a great weekend, sweetie!