Monday, April 19, 2010

Good things today

  • I finally finished all my photos of Flat Stanley and got him sent off back to California.
  • Delicious margarita pizza for lunch. I think it's officially my favorite.
  • The work day flew by.
  • Ashley and I bought tickets to see a show at the Tribeca Film Festival, something I've never done.
  • Confirmed visiting teaching.
  • Caught up with S-Rod, via email. So excited to see her when she comes out for work this week. Can't believe it's been almost eight years since we were hanging out at Birch Plaza. Even more so, can't believe I'm old enough to say something like that. Sick.
  • A week long hiatus due to visitors and a day of needing a break to veg I got my running shoes on, and I can honestly say I was craving it.
  • The cherry blossoms were still in bloom.
  • Ashley came over to hang out. It felt like forever since I'd seen her so it was nice to catch up.
  • An amusing and long email from Mikey to entertain me during lunch.
  • A guy who ducked while he was jogging, as I took a photo of the reservoir (that I mean to upload, but obviously didn't.) It made me smile, as he was jogging, while ducking, and smiling at me. He was cute.
  • And the best part of the day, running into Adrienne Martin and Sara Borg while I was jogging. But that's not even the best part. I tapped them as I ran and waved hello, and then kept jogging (they were just walking.) Then a few minutes later they caught up with me and started cheering really loudly, slightly embarrassing me, but making me laugh really hard, and totally making my night. I'd been on a bit of a downer and it made it all better. Then, they jogged with me, even though they were in street clothes, and even worse, street shoes! It was nice to catch up with these girls for a few minutes. They told me everyone should have cheerleaders while they run, and you know what? They're totally right. It made it so much better. Thanks guys, you are AWESOME!


theborgstop said...

Rae! You know what? I love your face and it was a joy to run with you last night in my slacks and trench coat!

Michelle said...

I love your good things posts! It is so funny that you had flat stanley. I got a flat stanley in the mail from Kara (Melissa's), and just mailed that back! How fun!

Brad Hope said...

Aidrenne Martin spit water on me once. Maybe she should have cooled you off while running...

Liney said...

I'll one of your biggest fanz!@