Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She was lovely.

Image stolen from Kamari's facebook.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here comes the bride...

Megan's bridal shower in California, May 8, 2010. So fun to surprise her.

So happy to have made it to California for this girl's wedding Saturday. The rehearsal dinner's tonight and I could not be more thrilled for Megan and Travis. Love you Meg, so happy we've been friends for twelve(!) years, and so honored to stand next to you on your big day!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

An annual problem

I guess I just get the urge to binge this time of year.
(Disregard the shoe...it just happened to be in the photo. It's not new.)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birthday weekend highlights

  • Sunshine all weekend!
  • Too much shopping and not feeling too guilty.
  • Leaving work at 1pm.
  • All the sweet texts, voicemails, facebook posts, tweets, emails, cards, and phone calls with birthday wishes.
  • The two birthday voicemails that made me smile non stop while listening, while I was on the subway. One from Rebecca's kids, and the next from Jason and Elise, channeling Howard Dean. I laughed out loud and noticed a guy looking at me funny. I should have had him listen to the voicemail.
  • A few dozen Magnolia's cupcakes at work by 11am, courtesy of the boss man. I had two red velvet (my favorite) before lunch.
  • Going to lunch with the boss man, Nat, and even Charlie. One of my favorites who no longer works with us and came all the way to midtown to meet up with us.
  • Sushi at Koi. Delicious.
  • The birthday song at Koi, and even a candle in my dessert.
  • Meeting up with Ash at the spa for a massage and facial.
  • Getting a text from Will informing me I had flowers delivered at work. Quick story: I had no clue who would send flowers, and assumed it had to be my mom. I rushed back to midtown to pick them up before heading home to get ready for dinner. There were two bouquets of two dozen peach roses, and two dozen red roses. I figured my mom wouldn't send roses. I saw no card, even though I looked everywhere. I texted Will and didn't get a response till after I'd gotten home saying there was a note, but he'd accidently thrown it in the trash (!) but that it said, "Happy birthday Rachel. From so and so." He couldn't remember. WHAT? I felt so guilty not being able to thank whoever the kind person was who made my day, so I posted something on facebook. I later thought to call reception at my office building to see if they could keep the cleaning ladies from taking out my trash. The girl at the front desk said she already had, and then we got to chatting and she told me should could tell me what the note said. (First off, you know who I am? Second off, you know what the note said?? I was too relieved to care.) So a big fat THANK YOU to one of my favorites, Jamar, for the gorgeous flowers. Love that Jam. Such a sweetie.
  • Dinner with some of my favorite girls at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants.
  • Finally, saw Sex and the City II. It was about what I was expecting. Not the best movie ever, but entertaining, and really funny. I died laughing a few times.
  • Coming home Friday night to a display of goldfish and macaroni and cheese. Libby knows the way to my heart. It reminded me of the time Aimee had me for our Easter basket exchange in college and she got me a basket filled with Dr. Pepper and mac and cheese.
  • On Saturday, a little more birthday shopping.
  • A great combo party (since Britt's birthday was less than two weeks ago and she was in Georgia.) We only got the invite sent out three days in advance and still had a great turnout. Our apartment got so hot, even with the AC turned on full blast and a fan going, but luckily people didn't seem to mind too much and stuck around.
  • The mini dance party that broke out for a few songs. Not to mention singing, "It's a party in 7A" instead of "party in the USA."
  • Ashley baking for the party.
  • Listening to Rachel Martinez and Mikey Perkey battle it out for who was the better friend. My favorite "one up lines":
M: I know Rachel's boss has a house in the Berkshires.
R: I've BEEN to Rachel's boss's house in the Berkshires!
R: I've slept in a bed with Rachel.
M: So have I!
  • Friends like Dr. Asay who took time away from his hectic schedule to make an appearance at the party (even though he skipped his strip tease he performed last year.)
  • Birthday brunch and some good gossip.
  • Feeling so loved and special.
Thank so much to everyone!! I'll upload some pictures soon, hopefully. Also, the only birthday phone call I've returned is my mom's. I've literally been with people all weekend long and haven't had time to chat on the phone until now, while I'm writing this blog post. I'll talk to you all soon. Love you so much and thank you again for making my day!!