Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Listening to: The Weary Kind on the Crazy Heart soundtrack, You Will Be Loved by Death Cab For Cutie, and I Summon You by Spoon.
Felling: calm
Needing: more sleep
Wanting: Yankees tickets
Dreaming about: a studio on Central Park West
Loving: running
Appreciating: friend intuition
Dreading: an early day tomorrow after a twelve hour work day today
Praying for: a cure for cancer
Missing: the kids
Annoyed by: the zit on my forehead
Hating: Pete Campbell
Thinking about: arm lipo
Grateful for: the final rusty nail in the coffin, and the peace it's brought
Frustrated by: my poor eating habits lately
Looking forward to: Meg's wedding in June
Adoring: the men for whom I work
Seeking: self actualization
Planning on: it all working out

Monday, March 29, 2010

All eyes on me in the center of the ring...

We went to the circus tonight. Libby took the roomies for our Christmas present. I think I went to the circus once when I was a kid, but I don't really remember. It was, weird. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of really cool things and I had a great time and we had some hilarious commentary. It was a lot of fun. But I just kept saying over and over, "That is so weird!" There were, like, miniature ponies. I know ponies are miniature horses, but these were like miniature miniature horses. And did you know you can train llamas? They can do tricks. And I wouldn't consider myself an animal rights activist by any means, but I have to admit I was sad for the animals. I just felt sad for them having to perform. I don't know, do they like it? Are they having fun? I don't know. I sort of think I'm against it. I mean it's one thing to make them hang out in a zoo where they're just doing their own thing, or even train them to be tame enough to let you take a photo with them or something, but to perform tricks with crazy flashing lights, a booming voice over a loudspeaker and screaming kids? Ehhhh. Aaaaaand, when the tiger tamer was in the cage with eight tigers I sort of wanted them to attack him. I mean, what business does this idiot have being in a cage with eight wild animals like that anyway? Leave em be I say.
Anyway, interesting experience, going to the circus.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The daily ten. And then some.

Delicious brunch at Penelope with Ash. If you ever have a chance to eat Nutella french toast, do it. You're welcome.
Even though it was freezing (34 degrees but "felt like" 24!) it was super sunny which made for a gorgeous run around the reservoir, and then a lovely walk up to 104th.
I passed two joggers. Woohoo! Not the slowest!
Practically ran into Maria while Courtnie, Ruthie, and I headed to Chiptole.
Spent time in my old hood. Even though I couldn't wait to move out of Harlem, that area near 112th Street will always be sentimental to me. Such good memories.
A great chat with Maria on the ridiculous trek home. Stupid subways.
A very handsome man (with an accent) chatted us up and thought we were very funny.
The subway stopped at Chambers Street so we had to walk home, and ended up jogging, which gave us a little extra work out.
Spent at least an hour in Barnes and Noble checking out Time Out's book on the top 75 best cities in the world. It only enhanced my need for travel.
Got all my laundry done and my room cleaned, which meant everything on my agenda today was accomplished except cleaning the bathroom.
This evening as I spent time at home I kept getting that guilty nagging feeling that I should go to the gym, and then kept remembering I'd already run. It was so nice to have it over with.
What I thought would be a quiet night by myself turned into a super fun night baking and playing Rock Band with Libby, Maria, Logan, and Sean. We had so much fun, and I think I got a sugar high.
I successfully played a song for the first time on hard level on the drums.
Came across what Maria and I dubbed a "yard sale" in the city. Someone on the 13th floor had piles of stuff in the hallway for anyone to take, with donations welcome. I scored a super cute Isaac Mizrahi dress, cute skirt, a pair of skinny jean, a pair of skinny black pants, two red folding chairs, and a teapot. I donated $20. I felt sort of awkward, but it was pretty amazing.
At one point laughed so hard, where I got to "that point" that all my roommates know, where I am absolutely out of control laughing in hysterics, and can't catch my breath for a minute.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cherry blossoms

I've run by this tree a few times now and it always makes me smile. The first real sign of spring.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The daily ten

Tried my hair curly for the first time since it's been cut super short and really liked how it turned out.
The work day flew by, as has the week.
Surprised myself and went for a run for day five in a row, on a Friday, and it was COLD outside.
Started solidifying plans for Dallas.
Had some funny email exchange with my brother.
Went to see Crazy Heart with some friends and really enjoyed it. (And stayed awake; not an easy task on a Friday night.)
Survived a pretty hectic, and very tense work week.
Found out Risa and Lori are coming to New York in May!
Realized that while a Park Avenue apartment would be lovely, I'm a Central Park West kind of a girl.
Found out the weather in DC's supposed to be gorgeous next weekend. Hope it doesn't change!

I've been contemplating my feelings on the daily ten. I like doing it. I like that it keeps me blogging. Surprisingly I've had a lot of people tell me they enjoy it, but there are some things I don't like about doing it. While I'm glad it keeps me focusing on the positive, sometimes I just want to complain about the day. Don't be fooled, I've had some days that were TERRIBLE, those days where everything goes wrong, and it's been really tough to find the positives. I like that I've forced myself to find the good, but does it really count as a good thing if I get a new high score on Doodle Jump, or have a really yummy lunch? Sometimes I feel like reporting the bad things, and feel like I can't because I need to do TDT and don't want to write another post to include all the bad things. I was going to start a blog just for the daily ten, and include some others who've been doing the daily ten as well, but then I got over it. (Sorry Jamie!)
I think I'll do the daily ten when I feel like it. I think maybe sometimes I do Sweet and Sour (or High Lo, whichever you prefer) where I'll post the best and worst part of the day. Sometimes I won't post anything. For now, that works.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Next weekend I'm fiiiiiiiiiinally venturing to DC for the VERY first time. Seriously, who am I that I haven't been to DC, especially considering I've lived a four hour bus ride away for over three years?

Anyway, I'll have Friday afternoon until Sunday evening in the nation's capital and I want to be a tourist! Tell me all your best recommendations. Thanks friends. :)


via the iPhone

Other than Sunday I've gone running every day this week. I'm pretty sure working out Monday through Thursday is a record. I know I say I set these records all the time, but that's how pathetic of a worker-outer I am. It doesn't take much to set a new record.

Yesterday Court and I met up to run around the Jackie O. Reservoir and it was really so much better than I expected. I'm a treadmill runner. I know that's backwards but, I am. I typically hate running outside but it really wasn't bad. There weren't hills, and I realized it's so much easier to run on a dirt path than concrete.

We ran the 1.58 mile perimeter, finishing around west 90th, and then walked along the park until west 72nd, then cut across to east 72nd, and then through the streets to 37th and Lex. Court tracked it and it ended up being almost six miles. My legs hurt but it felt great. So great that I decided to go run the reservoir again tonight.

I have to admit, when Courtnie and I met up last night it was about twilight and I hesitantly asked her if we were going to get raped. You know, that whole "don't go in the park after dark" thing. Surprisingly there were a TON of people on the main paths, so I felt safe going back again tonight.

What a great run it was. It's times like these that I really fall deeper in love with the city. There were people passing me (I am clearly the slowest runner ever) but I felt alone on the path in some ways, and the lights shining from midtown were just majestic, and it was a crisp night, and I was listening to some slow tunes. It just felt therapeutic.

Thank you New York. I love you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thoughts from the treadmill

  • It's been three weeks.
  • I wish the way I looked in a bikini was the same as the way I look in my workout clothes.
  • Is this even making a difference?
  • I need to post my Rio photos.
  • Why can't I take every vacation?
  • I should never complain.
  • It was such a lovely experience meeting the blind man while leaving Central Park last week, and getting to know him as he took my arm and I walked him to Broadway. What a gem he was.
  • I can't wait till the Burns girls come out.
  • Really looking forward to Dallas in a few weeks. Can't wait to see Trish (and family), Shawn and Becky, Will and Jess (and their FOUR babies), Katie, Toni, and Jamie. (I'd link the last three, but Katie and Toni haven't updated in years, and Jamie's private.)
  • I don't know that I've ever known as much before as I do now that God has a plan for me.
  • I need to get up to Boston.
  • For sure no Duck this year.
  • I'm ready for my mind to stop.
  • It's been a year, and I've made some progress, but this little heart of mine is still broken.
  • I am still in disbelief.
  • Maybe I should ask for some prayers.
  • I should sleep well tonight.
  • Will I ever love running?
  • I might miss my long hair.
  • I can't wait for Meg's wedding.
  • I am praying for a miracle for Wendy.
  • I can't wait for the two new babies in my family.
  • Just hearing Elder Holland's voice strengthens my testimony.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A lovely Saturday

  • Slept in, but not too late.
  • Brunched with the girls at Cornelia Street Cafe. I actually branched out from the heavy pancakes and got the Huevos Racheros (fried eggs with black beans, cheddar cheese, salsa cruda, creme fraiche, and corn tortillas.) So not like me, but I loved it.
  • Stopped by the church to help babysit but no kids were there so I was off the hook.
  • Got to catch up on the phone with my lovah.
  • Walked the mile to West 85th street to meet up with friends in Central Park.
  • Went with Britt to buy a bike!
  • Chels, Britt, and I rode our bikes to Shake Shack where we met up with friends for another delicious meal.
  • Rode our bikes over to Dave's for games.
  • Britt and I rode the complete width of the island (from Dave's on the east river all the way to the West Side Highway) and then back down home.
  • Beautiful beautiful beautiful sunshine and mid 70s temps.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can't muster the energy to blog

Even though I did a whole lot of laying around and sleeping on vacation, and a whole lot of it over the weekend after I got back, I somehow can't find the energy to blog, go to the gym, or do anything I should be doing. Sorry folks. I actually did upload photos on facebook tonight so if you're my fb friend you can check them out there. I promise I'll get around to it sometime.
In the mean time.....this is one of my favorite photos from the trip.
There was scaffolding all around the statue and construction workers, which was a bummer, but I still loved Corcovado. (Jeff used his handy photo shop skills and got rid of them for me for this photo. Thanks Jeff!)

Oh yeah, and did you hear the news? So so excited!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm back from Rio. Got back yesterday actually, but I've been doing a whole lot of laundry, catching up on the dvr, hanging out with friends, and gorging on American food.
Rio was great. I was the cliche and got sick my first day, but other than that it was incredible. Until I have time to upload photos enjoy this video Jeff put together.
Tchau tchau.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The daily ten

Everything about today was better than anticipated.
Actually went out to lunch for once with a bunch of girls from work and it was a riot.
Got to catch up with Nik who doesn't work with us anymore. Adore her.
Had one of the best chicken salad sandwiches I've ever eaten.
Ran an errand I was dreaaaaading, and was shocked and pleased when it wasn't that bad.
Amazing foot massage during my pedicure.
First time in months I didn't wear a scarf.
It will be 50 degrees in the city this weekend! I won't be here to appreciate it, but it makes me happy spring is coming.
Got some really exciting news tonight.
Got packed for Brazil! My flight leaves in 15 hours. See you in a week!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A star studded night

Tonight was an awesome night. My dad was in town again, thanks to his new territory bringing him to the city more frequently. I felt like going to a nice dinner and after raving to him so much about our great dinner on NYE at Del Frisco's I decided to take him to treat him to a nice steak. Just like the last time I went, we had great service. The servers do a really great job of making you feel like you're not just another table. I don't know where else I've experienced this kind of service. (I mean, have you ever gotten a hand written thank you note mailed to you? Amazing.) My dad gave it a 9, only taking off a point because we were seating next to the bar and it was super noisy. That was sort of a let down, but I'm glad he still enjoyed it so much.

The weather had been rainy off and on all day but it was nice enough for us to walk to dinner, and then walk to the theater. I love living in a walking city.

We then headed to see A View from the Bridge, starring Scarlett Johansson and Liev Shreiber. My dad's a big Scarlett fan so we got tickets. Before the show I headed to the ladies room and when I met back up with my dad he told me I'd just missed Pierce Brosnan. Double O Seven!!! I was so disappointed. He was standing right next to him while he bought water and I'd missed him by 45 seconds. Bummer.

During the intermission we stood to stretch our legs and I did a little scoping out of the more expensive seats. Sure enough after a little while I saw Pierce's wife, followed by Pierce. It was so cute to watch them, he really doted on her and they looked so in love, in a genuine way, which was sweet and refreshing. We also saw Betsy Johnson, who was adorable, obviously.

The show was really great. I thought Liev did an awesome job. It wasn't too long, which was nice because I always get a little sleepy in shows. Scarlett did well, but I thought Liev stole the show.

After the show ended we exited the theater and found ourselves standing near Pierce and his wife, and the couple they were with, who happened to be Harvey Keitel and his date. I love that they were on a little double date. I couldn't help myself, and took a shameless fan photo.

Isn't he handsome in his paperboy hat??

They went to the parking garage next door and when they drove off we heard the parking attendant yell, "James Bond! James Bond!" in a really thick accent. So funny.

We decided to be tourists and wait by the stage door to see if Liev or Scarlett would sign autographs or take pictures.

Scarlett started signing autographs by us and I was in a great spot up front to get one for my dad, but before she made it over to me she went to the other group to sign. She was wearing a beanie hat so I couldn't get a good picture of her, but she was tiiiiiiiny.

Liev was super nice when I asked for a photo. I told him he did a great job in the show and he thanked me. (Such a meaningful conversation, I know.) :) I had my camera on a weird setting (just my point and shoot) so the photo came out blurry but I still thought it was pretty fun to get a shot! After this picture he hopped in his car so I felt pretty lucky.

Such a fun night! Thanks Dad!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The daily ten

Healthy breakfast and lunch.
This shameless blog. I love it.
Becky and Sean are blogging!
Got everything I needed at Duane Reade for about half the cost I expected.
Ran into Ashley in Duane Reade.
Got in a little cat nap after work on the couch.
Jeff solidified our place in Rio.
Did some good cleaning in my room.
Sara stopped by for the weigh in, I think that makes 13 of us.
Elise answered a camera question for me, she's so great with that.

*By the way, lately I feel like I've been getting way more questions in my comments. In the past I'd decided I would answer questions on the asker's blog, but I think now I will just respond to comments on my own post where the question was asked. :)

The daily ten

A stranger on the street let me walk in front of him and said, "Ladies first." Love chivalry.
Despite a stressful day (one of our guys resigned) the boss man is always able to keep from being grouchy all day. (His version of grouchy is serious. It's not bad at all.)
Found out I have a new weekly responsibility, which I actually really don't want, but I'm glad people are looking to give me more responsibility.
Found a new place for lunch, and had a healthy lunch of chicken and veggies (fine, and potatoes.)
Had a hilarious chain of emails amongst friends.
It was so light when I got out of work. Love it.
Found out there's only two more weeks until our clocks spring ahead, so exciting.
Started a weight loss bet with a bunch of friends. We had a really good turn out at my apartment tonight for the first weigh in. I think there's about 13 or so of us.
Made it to the gym for a work out.
Played name that tune.
Jeff sent me Photoshop. I have no clue how to work it, but I'm excited.