Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Listening to: The Weary Kind on the Crazy Heart soundtrack, You Will Be Loved by Death Cab For Cutie, and I Summon You by Spoon.
Felling: calm
Needing: more sleep
Wanting: Yankees tickets
Dreaming about: a studio on Central Park West
Loving: running
Appreciating: friend intuition
Dreading: an early day tomorrow after a twelve hour work day today
Praying for: a cure for cancer
Missing: the kids
Annoyed by: the zit on my forehead
Hating: Pete Campbell
Thinking about: arm lipo
Grateful for: the final rusty nail in the coffin, and the peace it's brought
Frustrated by: my poor eating habits lately
Looking forward to: Meg's wedding in June
Adoring: the men for whom I work
Seeking: self actualization
Planning on: it all working out


Reagan said...

pete campbell is a weasel. what season are you on?

Anonymous said...

Cast not the first stone. ........................................

chelse said...

Rachel it was so good talking to you. You are a gem. Love you!

Trish said...

Gah! You sound like you're busier than I am. And so glad you're feeling peace--you deserve it. Can't wait to see you Friday!!

Debbie said...

felling? calm.....I think you mean feeling......lipo in arms??? I bet that would be very don't need that, honey! You are beautiful through and through!