Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The daily ten

Healthy breakfast and lunch.
This shameless blog. I love it.
Becky and Sean are blogging!
Got everything I needed at Duane Reade for about half the cost I expected.
Ran into Ashley in Duane Reade.
Got in a little cat nap after work on the couch.
Jeff solidified our place in Rio.
Did some good cleaning in my room.
Sara stopped by for the weigh in, I think that makes 13 of us.
Elise answered a camera question for me, she's so great with that.

*By the way, lately I feel like I've been getting way more questions in my comments. In the past I'd decided I would answer questions on the asker's blog, but I think now I will just respond to comments on my own post where the question was asked. :)

1 comment:

maggie said...

love getting something for less than you expect! enjoying your daily 10's!