Thursday, March 25, 2010


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Other than Sunday I've gone running every day this week. I'm pretty sure working out Monday through Thursday is a record. I know I say I set these records all the time, but that's how pathetic of a worker-outer I am. It doesn't take much to set a new record.

Yesterday Court and I met up to run around the Jackie O. Reservoir and it was really so much better than I expected. I'm a treadmill runner. I know that's backwards but, I am. I typically hate running outside but it really wasn't bad. There weren't hills, and I realized it's so much easier to run on a dirt path than concrete.

We ran the 1.58 mile perimeter, finishing around west 90th, and then walked along the park until west 72nd, then cut across to east 72nd, and then through the streets to 37th and Lex. Court tracked it and it ended up being almost six miles. My legs hurt but it felt great. So great that I decided to go run the reservoir again tonight.

I have to admit, when Courtnie and I met up last night it was about twilight and I hesitantly asked her if we were going to get raped. You know, that whole "don't go in the park after dark" thing. Surprisingly there were a TON of people on the main paths, so I felt safe going back again tonight.

What a great run it was. It's times like these that I really fall deeper in love with the city. There were people passing me (I am clearly the slowest runner ever) but I felt alone on the path in some ways, and the lights shining from midtown were just majestic, and it was a crisp night, and I was listening to some slow tunes. It just felt therapeutic.

Thank you New York. I love you.


maggie said...

You know I was all about the treadmill, but I have now switched over! The views from your run sound great, wish I could run that path! I am a slow runner too....we'd make a good team!

Jason said...

If you can get in the zone, running is therapeutic I think. You just sorta forget you're running and it can be kinda like meditation. That will never happen on a treadmill so hopefully the transition to running outside will be successful. Way to go. I am a fat Bi.