Monday, March 22, 2010

A lovely Saturday

  • Slept in, but not too late.
  • Brunched with the girls at Cornelia Street Cafe. I actually branched out from the heavy pancakes and got the Huevos Racheros (fried eggs with black beans, cheddar cheese, salsa cruda, creme fraiche, and corn tortillas.) So not like me, but I loved it.
  • Stopped by the church to help babysit but no kids were there so I was off the hook.
  • Got to catch up on the phone with my lovah.
  • Walked the mile to West 85th street to meet up with friends in Central Park.
  • Went with Britt to buy a bike!
  • Chels, Britt, and I rode our bikes to Shake Shack where we met up with friends for another delicious meal.
  • Rode our bikes over to Dave's for games.
  • Britt and I rode the complete width of the island (from Dave's on the east river all the way to the West Side Highway) and then back down home.
  • Beautiful beautiful beautiful sunshine and mid 70s temps.


Elise said...

mmmmm. I love huevos rancheros, if it is made right. Sounds delish. And what a perfect Saturday!

maggie said...

great day. love spring weather.