Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can't muster the energy to blog

Even though I did a whole lot of laying around and sleeping on vacation, and a whole lot of it over the weekend after I got back, I somehow can't find the energy to blog, go to the gym, or do anything I should be doing. Sorry folks. I actually did upload photos on facebook tonight so if you're my fb friend you can check them out there. I promise I'll get around to it sometime.
In the mean time.....this is one of my favorite photos from the trip.
There was scaffolding all around the statue and construction workers, which was a bummer, but I still loved Corcovado. (Jeff used his handy photo shop skills and got rid of them for me for this photo. Thanks Jeff!)

Oh yeah, and did you hear the news? So so excited!!

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Trish said...

Ha! By the time you get to your Rio pictures maybe I'll have gotten to my Europe pictures. That was 7 months ago... :-/