Sunday, March 28, 2010

The daily ten. And then some.

Delicious brunch at Penelope with Ash. If you ever have a chance to eat Nutella french toast, do it. You're welcome.
Even though it was freezing (34 degrees but "felt like" 24!) it was super sunny which made for a gorgeous run around the reservoir, and then a lovely walk up to 104th.
I passed two joggers. Woohoo! Not the slowest!
Practically ran into Maria while Courtnie, Ruthie, and I headed to Chiptole.
Spent time in my old hood. Even though I couldn't wait to move out of Harlem, that area near 112th Street will always be sentimental to me. Such good memories.
A great chat with Maria on the ridiculous trek home. Stupid subways.
A very handsome man (with an accent) chatted us up and thought we were very funny.
The subway stopped at Chambers Street so we had to walk home, and ended up jogging, which gave us a little extra work out.
Spent at least an hour in Barnes and Noble checking out Time Out's book on the top 75 best cities in the world. It only enhanced my need for travel.
Got all my laundry done and my room cleaned, which meant everything on my agenda today was accomplished except cleaning the bathroom.
This evening as I spent time at home I kept getting that guilty nagging feeling that I should go to the gym, and then kept remembering I'd already run. It was so nice to have it over with.
What I thought would be a quiet night by myself turned into a super fun night baking and playing Rock Band with Libby, Maria, Logan, and Sean. We had so much fun, and I think I got a sugar high.
I successfully played a song for the first time on hard level on the drums.
Came across what Maria and I dubbed a "yard sale" in the city. Someone on the 13th floor had piles of stuff in the hallway for anyone to take, with donations welcome. I scored a super cute Isaac Mizrahi dress, cute skirt, a pair of skinny jean, a pair of skinny black pants, two red folding chairs, and a teapot. I donated $20. I felt sort of awkward, but it was pretty amazing.
At one point laughed so hard, where I got to "that point" that all my roommates know, where I am absolutely out of control laughing in hysterics, and can't catch my breath for a minute.


Elise said...

Nutella anything is good. Period.

Michelle said...

Try nutella on grilled pineapple. So.Good. I love your daily 10! Its nice to hear what you are up to these days.

Trish said...

Doesn't seem like it can all be clean at the same time, huh? I got everything done this weekend except sweeping the kitchen floors and I just can't make myself do it (would take 5 minutes). But congrats on laundry and the room done in one go!