Thursday, September 27, 2007

Goodbye old friend....

I have some very sad news. Cohen officially is being replaced. My wonderful IT guys at work took a long hard look at it, did some reasearch for me, and came back with the news that my power outlet (or something) is shot and it would cost almost as much to repair as it would to get a new laptop all together.
So I'm officially in the market for a new laptop. Words can't express the anger that's running through my veins. I want to throw that thing against the wall. But anyway, welcome to adulthood, right? My dad and I went to dinner last night and were talking about how every paycheck there's always SOME sort of unexpected expense. Case in point. (Yes, my dad was in town, you wouldn't know because I haven't had the chance to blog!)
In the mean time, my IT man is giving me a loaner laptop.....pretty nice right? And right now I'm at working using an IT computer which has no firewalls. Woo hoo!
Anyway, better get back to work, just thought you could all drown in my sorrows with me.....first the ipod goes in June, now the laptop, and my phone is definitely knocking on death's door. Sweet. Now I just need my tv to break.
Oh yeah, suggestions for a new computer? My last one was an HP Compaq, which I really liked, minus the power problem. It seems like Apples are kind of the current thing, but I feel like a total idiot when I try to use one. Could I really transition over? Seriously people, I am NOT computer savvy, so don't say, "Oh you'll have no problem" if it's not as easy as just sitting down and using it. All I need is something that plays dvds (for those coast-to-coast trips,) lets me get on the internet, isn't slow, lets me download music, and allows me to type up an occasional Word document......that's all I can think of for now. Nothing too fancy.
Suggestions please!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007


I know I haven't posted in like 7 years, and also I have 32478247832 things to update everyone on....BUT I have a problem. As you all know, I can't blog at work. (Well actually, now I can look at blogs minus pictures, and I can't comment or look at comments, or post.) And as of this weekend my computer just straight up won't turn on. Right now I'm using my roommate's computer out of desperation. Seriously. Lame. I'm scared my computer might be dead. If that happens, I will be so sad. Pray for me, and Cohen (my HP Compaq.)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Out with the old, in with the new

So as you've been reading, I moved into my new apartment about two weeks ago. I haven't taken any pictures inside yet because it's still kind of in transit. One of the past tenants just moved out this week and Chelsie just moved in today so the place is not quite settled. I do have a few pictures of the old place, however, and a couple of my new neighborhood.

The corner on which my old apartment was located.
A few things I won't miss:
...the random trash on the sidewalk, especially when it was windy so there'd be trash flying around the air.....
...the dirty C subway... in a 5th floor walk up...
...the catwalk. Usually this block had dudes sitting along the buildings, cat calling as you'd walk by. For the most part it was easy enough to ignore it, but sometimes I seriously wasn't in the mood...
...the service changes that seemed to be happening every weekend for the last four months or so that always messed up my route...
...the biotches at the market. I'm not kidding when I say the check out girls are the rudest people I've ever met. Everyone who buys their groceries there knows what I'm talking about...
And a few things I will miss:
...the dime guy. This bum hung out in my area and was pretty nice and would ask every day, "Can you spare a dime today? Just a dime?"... stoop...
...having a view of St. John the Divine's Cathedral... paper boy. This boy was so nice. Every day when he'd see me coming he'd get my Post out for me. He always had the biggest grin (even when it was pouring rain) always would say hi, and always say, "Okay, have good day!" He really was the sweetest boy and just brightened up my morning. When I told him I was moving and it was the last time I would be buying a paper from him he was so sad, and said he hoped to run into me later in life. He also gave me my last paper for free. When I asked if I could take a picture of him he said yes, and then said I should have somone take it of both of us. (The first lady I asked looked at me and just flat out said no. Nice.) Anyway, I really will miss my paper boy, and am so sad I never found out his name... two blocks from Central Park.
Okay here's the pictures I promised of my room with my "decorating." I didn't get very far because I was doing it on a budget, but I was very proud of the little bit I did get done, and my color scheme.

I know, it looks like nothing, but like I said, it was just in the beginning stages.
For some reason this picture got messed up. It's of the Tiffany's that's going in down the street from my new place.
The New York Stock Exchange. My subway stop is Wall Street, so naturally there's quite a bit of eye candy in my neighborhood. :)

A picture from my roof. That area where the bluish light is coming from is Ground Zero. It's about three blocks away.

I love that you can see the Empire State Building!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Becky on my block

So as I'd mentioned (forever ago), Becky Block, my good friend from college, came into town a couple weeks ago. Here's the recap with just a small portion of the pictures. Of course Becky and I took a million.
I picked up Becky from the airport and we made a quick stop by my (then current) apartment to drop off her things. Then we headed down to the financial district so she could see my new place, as well as a few touristy things down there. Of course we went to China Town. Becky said she wanted a new wallet and maybe a bag. I told her she would change her mind once she saw China Town. She definitely did, and ended up getting much more than she'd anticipated. She was nervous to negotiate so I told her I would do it for her. After two purchases she tried it out herself, and was a natural by the time we'd left.

Becky's first subway ride.

On my roof at my new place. This was a week before I moved in.

In front of my old apartment.

Dinner at the Shake Shack with Mike and Steve.

After dinner we were walking toward the Empire State Building. I told Becky I would take a picture of her and was getting set when this lady bum walked up behind me and spit on my back! Can you believe that?! That was officially the worst thing that's happened to me in NYC. I was SO disgusted, but glad at least it wasn't something worse. (A friend of a friend was actually peed on by a bum.) That spot on my back is the nasty bum saliva.

Obviously I had to buy a new shirt, so I went into a tourist shop and and was glad for the excuse to get another Yankees shirt.

Taking a soda break.

After dinner and our soda stop in Bryant Park we headed over to Times Square.

My favorite picture of the whole weekend.

Sunday we went to brunch at Crepes on Columbus and then did a little more walking around in the midtown area. Here we are goofing around in FAO Schwarz. We are both anti-Harry Potter.

On my friend Chelsie's roof. I love the stark contrast between Central Park and the buildings.

Sunday evening we walked the Brooklyn Bridge. This was the first time I'd done this and decided it's one of my favorite touristy things. It was an absolute perfect evening, weather wise. We left at the perfect time also. When we got half way the sun was setting and the sky was gorgeous. (That picture I put up a couple posts ago was from walking across the bridge.) The skyline was beautful as the buildings started looking a little bluish and the lights started filling up the windows. There were great views of the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and the skyline. It really made me wish the Twin Towers were still there.

I love my Manhattan.

After walking the bridge Becky wanted to eat at the Olive Garden so we headed over to Times Square one last time.

I had the best time with Becky out, like I always do. I'm so grateful she can fly for free because it's always so fun having her come visit me in different places. Love you Becky!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Can't sleep so I guess I'll blog

This picture is definitely me right now, which is so weird because I was just thinking the other day how I haven't had problems sleeping in such a long time. I jinxed myself I guess.
I decided since I keep saying, "I promise to blog soon" I at least could do a little cliff's notes version of what's been going on lately.
Here's the recap on my life the last three weeks. Gosh, it seems like it's been so much longer.
  • Friday August 24:Found out I got the apartment I'd been checking out (exactly one week before the last day of my then current lease.)
  • Saturday August 25-Monday 27:My girlfriend from college, Becky Block, came into town; did touristy things.
  • Tuesday August 28 & Wednesday 29: Packed up my apartment.....ridiculous amounts of work.
  • Thursday August 30: Moving day. Movers were scheduled for 6pm, they showed up at 8:30pm. My new building doesn't allow move-ins past 5pm, but they did me a favor and gave me a late move in; must be done no later than 8pm. The movers were done at 11:30pm. Oops. Good thing the door man was really nice. More details (obviously) later, which include my tumbling down the stairs, twisting my ankle, and landing hard on the corner of the last stair. It really hurt to sit for a couple days.
  • (Technically) Friday August 31: On my attempt to go back to the old apartment after the movers leave I ended up in Brooklyn, and then Queens, virtually stranded till about 2am.
  • Friday August 31: Worked only two hours and then got out early (I have an angel of a boss) to do last minute clean up to the old apartment, drop off keys, and head to JFK to pick up my Mom who was flying in.
  • Friday August 31-Monday 3: My mom came into town; lots of touristy things and eating.
  • Saturday September 1-Sunday 2: Brad and Nadia also came to town.
  • Saturday September 1: We got the news that my dear aunt Leza has passed away that morning after a year long battle with cancer. We were/are so saddened by this news, as we were all close with Leza, but a little peace is brought by the knowledge that she is no longer in pain.
  • Tuesday September 4: Completely unpacked all my things from moving, and packed a suitcase to head out of town.
  • Wednesday September 5: Flew from JFK to Las Vegas, got picked up at the airport by friends of my uncle Mike's and taken straight to the church where family was gathering.
  • Thursday September 6: Aunt Leza's funeral, and that evening my Mom, Brad, Nadia, and I drove to southern California.
  • Friday September 7: Beach.
  • Saturday September 8: UCLA vs BYU. Ran into Casey Bolger, John Ivers, George Wells, Danny Hinton, and Aimee Brower. Really not into college sports, but it was close for a little while so that was fun, but the best part was seeing old friends, all unexpected.
  • Sunday September 9: Stake conference and then flew LAX to Newark. Rev Run and his kids were on my flight. Took a cab to work and did a couple things. Headed out of the office at 1am.
  • Monday September 10: SLEPT ALL DAY. Woke up at noon, napped from 2-4, watched Oprah, sat on the couch, ate, vegged; didn't shower, put in my contacts, put on makeup or a bra all day. I really needed this.
  • Tuesday September 11: Went to Ground Zero. Pretty sobering.

That's pretty much it. I'm JUST starting to think about getting back into a routine. I haven't even really seen my new neighborhood because things have been so out of wack. Just tonight I noticed I live right by the platform where George Washington was sworn in to be president of the United States over 200 years ago. So cool!

Well, now that I've typed out a little of my life, I'm attempting sleep again.....apologies for the lack of good grammar and spelling....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No matter where you go in the world, you never really leave New York and it never really leaves you.
-Billy Joel

Monday, September 10, 2007

Busier than a one-armed bandit...

Yes I'm alive, I've just been extremely busy for the last two and a half weeks with visitors, moving, and an unexpected out of town trip.
I'll recap this week.