Thursday, September 13, 2007

Can't sleep so I guess I'll blog

This picture is definitely me right now, which is so weird because I was just thinking the other day how I haven't had problems sleeping in such a long time. I jinxed myself I guess.
I decided since I keep saying, "I promise to blog soon" I at least could do a little cliff's notes version of what's been going on lately.
Here's the recap on my life the last three weeks. Gosh, it seems like it's been so much longer.
  • Friday August 24:Found out I got the apartment I'd been checking out (exactly one week before the last day of my then current lease.)
  • Saturday August 25-Monday 27:My girlfriend from college, Becky Block, came into town; did touristy things.
  • Tuesday August 28 & Wednesday 29: Packed up my apartment.....ridiculous amounts of work.
  • Thursday August 30: Moving day. Movers were scheduled for 6pm, they showed up at 8:30pm. My new building doesn't allow move-ins past 5pm, but they did me a favor and gave me a late move in; must be done no later than 8pm. The movers were done at 11:30pm. Oops. Good thing the door man was really nice. More details (obviously) later, which include my tumbling down the stairs, twisting my ankle, and landing hard on the corner of the last stair. It really hurt to sit for a couple days.
  • (Technically) Friday August 31: On my attempt to go back to the old apartment after the movers leave I ended up in Brooklyn, and then Queens, virtually stranded till about 2am.
  • Friday August 31: Worked only two hours and then got out early (I have an angel of a boss) to do last minute clean up to the old apartment, drop off keys, and head to JFK to pick up my Mom who was flying in.
  • Friday August 31-Monday 3: My mom came into town; lots of touristy things and eating.
  • Saturday September 1-Sunday 2: Brad and Nadia also came to town.
  • Saturday September 1: We got the news that my dear aunt Leza has passed away that morning after a year long battle with cancer. We were/are so saddened by this news, as we were all close with Leza, but a little peace is brought by the knowledge that she is no longer in pain.
  • Tuesday September 4: Completely unpacked all my things from moving, and packed a suitcase to head out of town.
  • Wednesday September 5: Flew from JFK to Las Vegas, got picked up at the airport by friends of my uncle Mike's and taken straight to the church where family was gathering.
  • Thursday September 6: Aunt Leza's funeral, and that evening my Mom, Brad, Nadia, and I drove to southern California.
  • Friday September 7: Beach.
  • Saturday September 8: UCLA vs BYU. Ran into Casey Bolger, John Ivers, George Wells, Danny Hinton, and Aimee Brower. Really not into college sports, but it was close for a little while so that was fun, but the best part was seeing old friends, all unexpected.
  • Sunday September 9: Stake conference and then flew LAX to Newark. Rev Run and his kids were on my flight. Took a cab to work and did a couple things. Headed out of the office at 1am.
  • Monday September 10: SLEPT ALL DAY. Woke up at noon, napped from 2-4, watched Oprah, sat on the couch, ate, vegged; didn't shower, put in my contacts, put on makeup or a bra all day. I really needed this.
  • Tuesday September 11: Went to Ground Zero. Pretty sobering.

That's pretty much it. I'm JUST starting to think about getting back into a routine. I haven't even really seen my new neighborhood because things have been so out of wack. Just tonight I noticed I live right by the platform where George Washington was sworn in to be president of the United States over 200 years ago. So cool!

Well, now that I've typed out a little of my life, I'm attempting sleep again.....apologies for the lack of good grammar and spelling....


Elise said...

Um, that picture kind of gives me the creeps.

I almost shed a tear when I read about your new apt being near the George Washington thing, because I read about it in this travel book I have & I folded down the page as a "to-do" when I went out there.

linds said...

Life in NYC sounds awesome. Where is you apt? Do you still like your job?

Jake, Cindy & Blaine said...

sounds like things are wonder you had no time for me! hope the game was fun. good luck getting back into "normalcy"..i sitll don't know what that is!

linds said...

So glad you loved my post. Did you watch the game?? So, so AWESOME. BTW, do you remember when we went to Knotts Scary Farm? I haven't been in CA for it since we went. GREAT memories!