Thursday, September 27, 2007

Goodbye old friend....

I have some very sad news. Cohen officially is being replaced. My wonderful IT guys at work took a long hard look at it, did some reasearch for me, and came back with the news that my power outlet (or something) is shot and it would cost almost as much to repair as it would to get a new laptop all together.
So I'm officially in the market for a new laptop. Words can't express the anger that's running through my veins. I want to throw that thing against the wall. But anyway, welcome to adulthood, right? My dad and I went to dinner last night and were talking about how every paycheck there's always SOME sort of unexpected expense. Case in point. (Yes, my dad was in town, you wouldn't know because I haven't had the chance to blog!)
In the mean time, my IT man is giving me a loaner laptop.....pretty nice right? And right now I'm at working using an IT computer which has no firewalls. Woo hoo!
Anyway, better get back to work, just thought you could all drown in my sorrows with me.....first the ipod goes in June, now the laptop, and my phone is definitely knocking on death's door. Sweet. Now I just need my tv to break.
Oh yeah, suggestions for a new computer? My last one was an HP Compaq, which I really liked, minus the power problem. It seems like Apples are kind of the current thing, but I feel like a total idiot when I try to use one. Could I really transition over? Seriously people, I am NOT computer savvy, so don't say, "Oh you'll have no problem" if it's not as easy as just sitting down and using it. All I need is something that plays dvds (for those coast-to-coast trips,) lets me get on the internet, isn't slow, lets me download music, and allows me to type up an occasional Word document......that's all I can think of for now. Nothing too fancy.
Suggestions please!!!


Elise said...

That is so sad that your computer died. When I sold my laptop, I was really sad because it was the first "big" purchase I ever made on my own.

Anyway, DO IT! Buy a Mac. We love ours. It was seriously one of the best purchases. And I am not just saying this, but it really is so easy to use. When I need to do something that I don't know how to do, I just use the help option on the main desktop & it gives you an answer that is really easy to understand. You don't get pop-ups on the internet, it never shuts down randomly or has errors, and it starts up in like 30 seconds. Ours isn't a laptop though, but I would guess that they are all the same. If you get one, you have to get it from the cool Apple store that has glass around it & take a picture & send it to Jason. He said that he really wants to see that store because it looks so cool.

katherine said...

Yep, get a Mac. If I could have afforded it, that's what I would have gotten. Shane and I just bought two Dells (a desktop for me and a laptop for him) and we're already having issues. I hear there are tutorials online to teach PC users how to get around a Mac. It won't take long to get used to and they're soooo beautiful. Yummy. I love Macs.

katherine said...

p.s. I've missed your blogs.

Cathi said...

Go for the Mac Rach- once you go Mac you'll never go back. And if you have any trouble they'll help you at the Apple store :)

Steve and Rebecca said...

Steve's brother-in-law (Scott) coverted everyone but us to MACs and they all swear it was the best purchase. Our Dell is fine for our purposes though.
PS I love my new Sprint phone! It came Wednesday. Steve picked it out. We have the same one (M300 Sprint Vision), but his is in black and mine in

Jake, Cindy & Blaine said... in peace!

Ang said...

Hey Rach. We have a Dell laptop and desktop and you can buy them refurbished for way cheap. They sell them to you in 100% working condition. They're usually returns from customers but Dell makes sure they work before selling them again. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you the details.