Tuesday, August 26, 2008

View from the sky

If you're ever flying into La Guardia and have to sit in a window seat, sit on the left side of the plane.  You'll get a killer view of Manhattan.  Here's my hood, lower Manhattan.  Also note the Brooklyn Bridge.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I might have to watch this season

I've never watched DWTS before, but I might have to this time around because I've actually heard of the celebrities.  At least now my mom won't get mad at me when she asks if I watched and I can say yes.

Sunday dinner in California

So, as you'll see in the two posts after this one, these are out of order but, oh well.
I took a quick trip to California in July (and by quick I mean 72 hours.)  It was seriously jam packed and I felt like a zombie the whole time running on little sleep, but I had so much fun!
I got in Friday about noon and got lunch at In-N-Out with my dad, got my hair cut, grabbed some froyo at Golden Spoon (natch) and then my mom and I headed over to the Sullivans' to catch up before the shower the next day.
Saturday we headed out to Murrieta for Ryan's birthday party, and then I took off for the shower.  (You'll read about these events in the next posts.)
After the shower my mom went to a wedding and my dad and I took a ride on his bike to head down to dinner at Claim Jumper.  
Sunday my dad took off for a *motorcycle trip with his brother, and my mom and I went to church together.
After church was SO fun.  My mom made my favorite dinner (she is the BEST cook) and we ate with Jason and Elise, Rebecca, Steve, and the kids, and George and Lynette Saadeh.  Some really good family friends from the ward.  My bff Cindy and her husband Jake and their boy Blaine couldn't make it for dinner but stopped by after.  It was so fun to see them and catch up, even if it was a brief visit!
We had SO much fun hanging out and playing Guitar Hero, and different games on the Wii.  Thanks so much Jason and Elise for bringing it up from San Diego!

The kids loved playing outside, and when they finally came in I had to take a picture of their cute shoes, and put my blackberry in the photo so show how tiny the little Rainbows and Crocs are!  So darling!!!
Jason teaching my mom how to play the drums.
What a rockstar!
Rebecca was great on the vocals.
The audience: Meg, Steveo, and Ryno
George and Lynette

Love this photo with Rebecca and Meg
George was a hoot playing Rock Band!!
Jake, Cindy, and Blaine hanging out.
Obviously I can't get enough of the Megster.
Jason made a Mii that could be George's clone!
My mom and George boxing

Risa's bridal shower

When I was in California I threw a shower for one of my best friends, Risa Sullivan.  She's getting married on August 30th (I leave Thursday for Portland for the wedding!) 
It was so great to see some friends from high school and reminisce about the old cheer days and catch up with each others' lives.  Here we are, in order of graduating class (cheesy?  Yes.)

Megan Marshall-2002, me-2001, Risa Sullivan-2000, and Julie Christie-1999
Our moms had a good time catching up as well.

Lori Sullivan, Wendi Marshall, Debbie Hope
They had a difficult time getting a normal picture.


So I was lucky enough to be home for Ryan's 4th birthday party, which was held at Pump It Up.  I have to say, I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or the adults. 
Ryan and Steveo
Jason, Elise, and I had quite the fun time in the basketball area, trying out some sweet dunks.
Love this photo of Jason and Elise, about to do the rock climbing wall.

So there were some pretty sweet obstacle courses where you could race against someone.  I had to document my mom racing against Jason.

That is genuine terror on her face as she goes down the slide two year olds are brave enough for.
In typical Mom fashion, she couldn't stop laughing.

The face off for the final obstacle, climbing the wall and sliding down.

Rebecca and Ryan during one of the obstacle courses.

I raced against my mom.
Then I raced against my dad who was some pretty good competition, until the end when we were climbing up to slide and he totally cheated, grabbing my ankle and yanking my whole body down!  I still beat him.

Last but certainly not least, a video of Rebecca and Ryan, and then the big race between Jason and my mom.

4th of July weekend

Fourth of July weekend I was really lazy.  I'd contemplated going to Boston, then I planned on going to DC, and then ended up just sticking around the city.  It was kind of nice.
On the night of the 4th Curtis and I headed down to the Seaport and walked around a bit, got some dinner, tried to get close to the fireworks show, but couldn't get past the barricades so we decided to head to Brooklyn.

Watching the fireworks with the city as the backdrop was gorgeous.

My favorite part of the night, however, was walking back to Manhattan.  The lines to get in the subway were ridiculously long, and the entrance to the bridge was closed off.  We walked for a bit and then hopped a fence and walked the bridge anyway.  It was PERFECT.  Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is one of my favorite things to do, but it's always so crowded.  For almost the whole walk, however, we had the whole bridge to ourselves.  It was amazing.  Just us, the Hudson River, and the view of our city.

When we got back to Manhattan we saw this huge line of people, just waiting to get underground to get into a subway.  Ridiculous.  The traffic was also horrendous, and we were so glad we could just walk everywhere.

Boston and New York in June

So clearly I'm trying to catch up.  I want to make sure Brad and Nad get these pictures in case they don't have them, and also just wanted to remember these trips!
When Maddy was three weeks I took a trip up to Boston to meet her.  We had so much fun and bonded instantly!

While Mommy, Daddy, and Aunt Rachie were eating a yummy mexican dinner, Maddy hung out with her feet out.  I love her tiny toes!!

I also got to check out one of the singles' wards in Boston, and had a great time catching up with my girlfriends Carolina, Rachel, and Gina.

Then a few weeks later Maddy had her first trip to New York.  Brad had a business trip so the whole family came.  Jason was also in town so it was so fun for us to all go to dinner.  I love when my family comes to town!