Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The daily ten

A stranger on the street let me walk in front of him and said, "Ladies first." Love chivalry.
Despite a stressful day (one of our guys resigned) the boss man is always able to keep from being grouchy all day. (His version of grouchy is serious. It's not bad at all.)
Found out I have a new weekly responsibility, which I actually really don't want, but I'm glad people are looking to give me more responsibility.
Found a new place for lunch, and had a healthy lunch of chicken and veggies (fine, and potatoes.)
Had a hilarious chain of emails amongst friends.
It was so light when I got out of work. Love it.
Found out there's only two more weeks until our clocks spring ahead, so exciting.
Started a weight loss bet with a bunch of friends. We had a really good turn out at my apartment tonight for the first weigh in. I think there's about 13 or so of us.
Made it to the gym for a work out.
Played name that tune.
Jeff sent me Photoshop. I have no clue how to work it, but I'm excited.

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Sean and Becky said...

Rach! We have a blog now! I love that you do a dailey ten, and I love chivalry too! I hope you're doing amazing. We miss you, I hope we can come visit NYC soon :)