Friday, March 26, 2010

The daily ten

Tried my hair curly for the first time since it's been cut super short and really liked how it turned out.
The work day flew by, as has the week.
Surprised myself and went for a run for day five in a row, on a Friday, and it was COLD outside.
Started solidifying plans for Dallas.
Had some funny email exchange with my brother.
Went to see Crazy Heart with some friends and really enjoyed it. (And stayed awake; not an easy task on a Friday night.)
Survived a pretty hectic, and very tense work week.
Found out Risa and Lori are coming to New York in May!
Realized that while a Park Avenue apartment would be lovely, I'm a Central Park West kind of a girl.
Found out the weather in DC's supposed to be gorgeous next weekend. Hope it doesn't change!

I've been contemplating my feelings on the daily ten. I like doing it. I like that it keeps me blogging. Surprisingly I've had a lot of people tell me they enjoy it, but there are some things I don't like about doing it. While I'm glad it keeps me focusing on the positive, sometimes I just want to complain about the day. Don't be fooled, I've had some days that were TERRIBLE, those days where everything goes wrong, and it's been really tough to find the positives. I like that I've forced myself to find the good, but does it really count as a good thing if I get a new high score on Doodle Jump, or have a really yummy lunch? Sometimes I feel like reporting the bad things, and feel like I can't because I need to do TDT and don't want to write another post to include all the bad things. I was going to start a blog just for the daily ten, and include some others who've been doing the daily ten as well, but then I got over it. (Sorry Jamie!)
I think I'll do the daily ten when I feel like it. I think maybe sometimes I do Sweet and Sour (or High Lo, whichever you prefer) where I'll post the best and worst part of the day. Sometimes I won't post anything. For now, that works.

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Jamie said...

it's okay rach : ) i totally got out of the habit! but i still occasionally see 3 of my friends doing it on their blogs. i get what you are sayin though! i'm excited to see ya soon!