Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A star studded night

Tonight was an awesome night. My dad was in town again, thanks to his new territory bringing him to the city more frequently. I felt like going to a nice dinner and after raving to him so much about our great dinner on NYE at Del Frisco's I decided to take him to treat him to a nice steak. Just like the last time I went, we had great service. The servers do a really great job of making you feel like you're not just another table. I don't know where else I've experienced this kind of service. (I mean, have you ever gotten a hand written thank you note mailed to you? Amazing.) My dad gave it a 9, only taking off a point because we were seating next to the bar and it was super noisy. That was sort of a let down, but I'm glad he still enjoyed it so much.

The weather had been rainy off and on all day but it was nice enough for us to walk to dinner, and then walk to the theater. I love living in a walking city.

We then headed to see A View from the Bridge, starring Scarlett Johansson and Liev Shreiber. My dad's a big Scarlett fan so we got tickets. Before the show I headed to the ladies room and when I met back up with my dad he told me I'd just missed Pierce Brosnan. Double O Seven!!! I was so disappointed. He was standing right next to him while he bought water and I'd missed him by 45 seconds. Bummer.

During the intermission we stood to stretch our legs and I did a little scoping out of the more expensive seats. Sure enough after a little while I saw Pierce's wife, followed by Pierce. It was so cute to watch them, he really doted on her and they looked so in love, in a genuine way, which was sweet and refreshing. We also saw Betsy Johnson, who was adorable, obviously.

The show was really great. I thought Liev did an awesome job. It wasn't too long, which was nice because I always get a little sleepy in shows. Scarlett did well, but I thought Liev stole the show.

After the show ended we exited the theater and found ourselves standing near Pierce and his wife, and the couple they were with, who happened to be Harvey Keitel and his date. I love that they were on a little double date. I couldn't help myself, and took a shameless fan photo.

Isn't he handsome in his paperboy hat??

They went to the parking garage next door and when they drove off we heard the parking attendant yell, "James Bond! James Bond!" in a really thick accent. So funny.

We decided to be tourists and wait by the stage door to see if Liev or Scarlett would sign autographs or take pictures.

Scarlett started signing autographs by us and I was in a great spot up front to get one for my dad, but before she made it over to me she went to the other group to sign. She was wearing a beanie hat so I couldn't get a good picture of her, but she was tiiiiiiiny.

Liev was super nice when I asked for a photo. I told him he did a great job in the show and he thanked me. (Such a meaningful conversation, I know.) :) I had my camera on a weird setting (just my point and shoot) so the photo came out blurry but I still thought it was pretty fun to get a shot! After this picture he hopped in his car so I felt pretty lucky.

Such a fun night! Thanks Dad!

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Shannon said...

Rachel, I can't believe you saw Pierce! I've always loved him. And even more in that hat.

Sounds so fun. Hope you're doing well!