Saturday, January 2, 2010

NYE 09/10

Once again, spending New Year's Eve in New York was a blast.  It started out with ten of us going to dinner at Del Frisco's.  

Britt, Sara, Maria, Aaron, Libby, Jen, and me.  Unfortunately we didn't get a picture with Justin, Tim, and Jeff (the rest of our dinner group.)

The roomies recreating our poses from our baby pictures above.

We had sort of a low key get together after dinner.  It was really nice.  Maybe 15 people or so came over and we played Things, and had a lot of laughs.

Colin, Britt, Court, and Ruth.

Britt, Ed, and me.

Me and Court.

Happy New Year!!

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katherine said...

You cut your hair! It's ADORABLE!