Monday, January 11, 2010

The daily ten

My pockets in my big coat are lined with fleece so even without gloves my hands stay toasty.
The bossman called from London to assure me I definitely shouldn't have been expected to figure out a daunting task that was given to me at 4:45pm today that completely overwhelmed me and stressed me out (and made me cancel my date with Reagan and Katie!)
The girls understood my last minute canceling, and Reagan and I are meeting up tomorrow. (Next time Katie!)
My roomies understood me being very grouchy when I got home.
The man at the corner shop dug some Vanilla yogurt out for me, even though it wasn't on the shelf.
This video. If you don't know borg, you should reevaluate your life.
Phil let me borrow his external hard drive (with lotsa movies on it!)
Britt's starting a blog!
No Country for Old Men twice in two days. It scares me, but I can't look away.
For the most part, the work day went very quickly.

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theborgstop said...

I am honored that you posted this video. The only thing that could have made it funner is if you were there.