Thursday, January 28, 2010

The daily ten

Went out for a coworker's birthday and met her best friend of 35 years I've heard so much about.
I left my subway card at home and my coworker gave me a swipe so I didn't have to buy a new card.
Made some plans to talk Brazil next week with Reagan since she and Jake went a couple months ago.
Checked out places to stay in Buzios.
Found out the big project I've been working on and finally completed at 3am Monday morning will be delivered tomorrow! So excited.
Watched Jay Leno on Oprah and had my opinions confirmed. Jay is not the bad guy. TV is an business. It's about ratings, numbers. If you're hired to do a job and you don't perform you get canned. It same as anywhere else, they're just a little more brutal in the entertainment industry. (Sorry for the Conan lovers. It's not a secret I don't love Conan, however my feelings are not the reason for my opinion. Everyone knows I'm a Dave kinda girl anyway.)
Found out my coworker who sits next to me was born in Ukraine, and then moved to Russia when she was 12, and then to NY when she was 17. All along I thought she was a New Yorker.
Was able to catch up on a few shows because I got home before 7 for the first time all week (I think, I can't remember Monday.) I'm not complaining because plenty of people in this city work past 8 every night year round, but it was just nice to have a night that I didn't go out after work for longer than an hour.
Had a really good laugh when a coworker said something that sort of embarrassed me.
A man went out of his way to open two doors for me when I had my arms full.

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