Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The daily ten

Thinking up a new healthier breakfast. (I usually have basically the same thing every morning.)
Two long distances phone calls. (Other than my parents I don't regularly talk to anyone in different time zones.
A good old fashioned venting sesh with a good friend.
Day two in a row at the gym (and a running buddy!)
Getting one of my guys a direct flight back into EWR from LHR (sometimes those are hard to come by.)
Biggest Loser started again!
My favorite pretzels in the vending machine.
Oprah tickets available for requests today.
A nice comment on my blog that made me feel good.
Maria booked a house in Vermont!


maggie said...

I want to go to Oprah. That is a bucket list item! If you go, detailed report and as many pics as possible please!! :) I would be your running buddy if I were in NYC! Nice post! Positives are a good thing to look at.

Jamie said...

i sure love your daily tens! i'm excited biggest loser started again too. and i would LOVE to go to oprah some day. way to be positive girl! thanks for the reminder : )