Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The daily ten

Found out I get to take some Excel and Power Point classes through work.
A few hours of empty apartment. (I love my roommates! Solo time is just rare in this city.)
One of my bachelor-for-life type buddies got engaged.
A friend popped in unexpectedly tonight; made me feel like I was in college again.
A blog comment from my brother that made me laugh out loud.
After a pretty rough day it ended on a good note, when I felt the post-workout high.
A friend at work recommended a bunch of good books.
Got to catch up with Aimee.
Got a fb message from Casey, one of my all time favorite people, and we discussed possible future travels.
I'm currently warm and cozy in my nice bed, all ready for an early(ish) night's sleep-hurray!


Brad Hope said...

Glad to know I still got were referring to me.....right?

Debbie said...

I love the ten things you are to read them! Love Mom