Sunday, January 31, 2010

The daily ten

Even though it took a little while for the subway to come we still got to church with plenty of time.
Got to hear the bells ringing at Trinity Church. One of my favorite parts of Sunday.
Made a new friend at church.
Finally met my friend's cousin after I've been hearing so much about him.
Had delicious chili over Fritos at Linger Longer.
Combined third hour.
Was able to get together with Heather after many reschedulings.
Went to a friend's for dinner and had a lot of fun.
It was super sunny today.
Didn't have time for a Sunday nap but now I'll be able to fall asleep early. Thank goodness because starting off last week on only three hours of sleep made the rest of the week awful.
Both talks in Sacrament Meeting were given by friends. I find it easier to pay attention when I know the speakers.
Talked Australia with Nick, who served his mission there, for a while after church and reminisced.
Found out we have a great new home teacher.
Was much more social at Linger Longer than usual.

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