Saturday, January 9, 2010

The daily ten

Glorious sleeping in.
Discovered the glory that is Uniqlo, and felt super cool because there's only one store in the country and it's in SoHo.
Got my first pair of Jack Purcells today. Two, actually, as they were buy one get one half off.
Found a new favorite restaurant. Thanks Carly.
Saw Lovely Bones and loved it, mostly.
Wore my black Jack Purcells tonight and decided they are so comfy.
My roomies covered me for cab fare when I was on the phone with my boss working.
When I went outside to go shopping it was so sunny, and warmer than I'd expected.
After a flight cancellation fiasco for the bossman and another guy, everything was worked out. Thank goodness for 24 hour expedia corporate travel.
Snuggled in my snuggie on the couch and felt so warm and comfy.


chelse said...

so i just caught up on all your blogging and LOVED it! loved your years highlights and your daily ten.
1. love your short hair! so cute
2. you look better than ever. seriously every time i see pictures i think you look smaller and smaller
3. you've had some amazing trips and i'm a tad bit jealous..... but in a good way

melissa said...

you've never had jacks!?!?! they were the ONLY shoes i'd wear 3rd grade through ... who knows. i love them so much. might give you some blisters but just fold them in half... shoes, not blisters. sounds weird. i'll show you in APRIL ;)

Katie McNeil said...

ahhh Uniqlo. greatest store!

Ang said...

LOVE my Jacks! Been wearing them since high school. Can't beat them. Got a pair at Downeast Outfitters for $7! Lov it.