Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The daily ten

The day went by really fast.
Even though getting out of bed was torture, I wasn't sleepy all day like my coworkers.
I got a blackberry for work. Obviously that's mostly a negative, but it'll make a few things easier.
I made it in and out of the drug store in under $20.
Got a seat on the subway for most of the ride home.
Another fair weather day. So nice to keep the heavy coat hanging up.
Came home to a clean bedroom and bathroom.
Realized I had one carryover vacation day from last year, and requested the Friday before Presidents' Day off (and got approved!) Vermont here we come.
Finished a super long article from last week's New York Magazine. (John Edwards is a shmuck.)
Watched a moving episode of Oprah's. I will not text and drive! (And neither should you!!)


maggie said...

I like your daily ten's. Vermont sounds fun!

Jamie said...

just wanted to let you know that i love your daily ten's so much that i am going to start my own. i check your blog everyday now just to read them : )