Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Movies, movies

As usual, around Christmas time there's a lot of movies to be seen. There's a few more I still need to see, but here's my thoughts on some of them:

Loved it. Looooved it. To be fair, I'm a sucker for a true story that involves sports. Every movie that falls in that category (Rudy, Miracle, Radio, Hoosiers) I've really loved. I'm typically not a huge Sandra Bullock fan, but I loved her in this, and obviously loved Tim McGraw. A lot of the dialogue was cheesy, but it was still really great, and, if I remember correctly, great for families. I can't remember anything bad.

Awful. Did not love it. To be fair, I know not everyone feels this way. Obviously Meryl was fab, and Alec was, ya know, himself, but the kids were the worst actors, I could have sworn John Krasinski's character was secretly gay (not that there's anything wrong with that) and I just didn't love the story line at all. I can't say much more without ruining it. I will admit there's a lot of funny parts. Oh yeah, and I probably shouldn't justify seeing an R-rated movie for those contemplating, but the only reason it's R is you see Alec's body double's butt briefly, and there's some pot smoking. I don't recall any F words, and there's definitely no sex, thankfully. (Meryl and Alec? Nast.)

I would not recommend this movie to most people. It's extremely depressing. You know when you give your ticket to the movie man and he says, "Just so you know, this is a drama, not a comedy" that you're in for something. The acting was good, and there was a really good message, but it is rough.

Ehh. Disappointing, to be honest. I think I had too high of hopes. The acting was great, I loved the dancing, costumes, etc, fell in love with Marion Cotillard and wish I had her classic beauty. I just walked away from it feeling like I didn't really like it and couldn't figure out why. It wasn't until a few days later (potential spoiler) I realized what it was. I adore Daniel Day Lewis, but I came to the conclusion that his character was just not likable enough for me. Basically, he's an idiot and I really couldn't sympathize or get where he was coming from. He's a fool.

Looooooo-UHved it. Granted, in my book George Clooney does no wrong. (I think he may be my #1.) I really loved Vera Farmiga. She was great. Not who I would have initially cast for the part but she nailed it. I laughed out loud multiple times, and found myself nodding during all the traveling scenes. If you're a frequent traveler you'll especially love this movie. I saw it twice.


meggan said...

So glad to hear that someone else say Everything's Fine and left feeling completely bummed out. Seriously. I actually liked the other ones...but maybe I was too mesmerized with Marion/Kate/Penelope/Nicole to care about DDL's unlike-ability (which you totally hit the nail on the head with, good call). Have you seen Sherlock yet? Phenomenal.

Debbie said...

I can't believe you didn't like....It's Complicated......I loved it and died laughing.....the beginning reminded me of me.....hovering over my grown kids at time and feeling old and saggy!
I did not like Up In the Air......kind of a downer, but I have to say, I cracked up when Sam Elliott as the Captain came out. I think my Dad would have played the part much better. I was disappointed in Nine and thought it should be rated R and that Complicated should have been PG-13.
I did love The Blind Side especially because it was true. I wish I was rich so I could help people more in their lives.

Debbie said...

Oh, and Fine....yeah, downer for sure! I haven't seen Lovely Bones out was a preview and when it said December....this was yesterday, I thought.....good maybe I will read the book before that......strange I haven't seen it posted at Regal in Foothill. Have you seen Avitar? I had no desire but I keep hearing more and more good things about it and to see it in 3-D....maybe I will have to do that this weekend.