Thursday, January 14, 2010

Australia: Day 10, Lorne and Great Ocean Road

We found our hostel in Lorne in my travel book after we'd arrived in Melbourne. We just looked up a place that had a decent price and drove there. It ended up being the best place we stayed. We had our own little "studio" with a kitchen and food to make breakfast the next day. We loved the Waverley House!

Karen making breakfast.

Enjoying our delicious breakfast on a balcony with a nice view, pleasant weather, and birds chirping.

My very first backpacking trip. Special thanks to Mike for letting me borrow his backpack!

This photo was hanging in the hallway of the Waverly House. It's a photo of the Waverely House with....... the original occupants? I'm not sure about that...

Inside the house. Our studio was upstairs on the left.

Sitting there "so well behaved", as Karen said.

We saw these signs a lot but never saw any crossing. :(

We took a little scenic stop, and now I can't even remember the name of this stop. It's probably in my travel journal.

Yikes. I was in my rainbows and Karen was in her Jessica Simpson flats. I don't know why I remember that.

The ferns were so pretty.

There were so many steps. I was seriously winded.

Our rental.

Sooo, Teddy's Lookout seemed like a nice place we'd wanna see. We followed this sign on this ridiculous hike (after all those steps, and still in our inappropriate footwear) and it just went to a street. I was so angry it was all for nothing.

And then we started driving to get on the road and saw another sign, with an arrow pointing he opposite direction. There was no tough hiking involved, and this amazing view was the result. (Yes, I changed shirts in the car. It was much warmer by that point. I had at least wardrobe changes this day.) The road below is the Great Ocean Road. Like PCH, but better.

Stopping at a little lookout. Yes, another outfit. I had a couple little sundresses so I needed to wear them when I could!

The beautiful ocean road turned to the gorgeous country side.

We starting seeing smoke that was in the direction we were driving, and suddenly were right next to the fire. We assumed it was controlled because there were no fire trucks around and no one seemed panicked.

Karen snapped this photo while I was apparently in deep thought.

The first bit of The Twelve Apostles.

My best photo. It was tough to get a good one with it being sunset. The sun was so bright.

After leaving The Twelve Apostles we started driving and seeing signs for other tourist sights. I told Karen I wanted to go see the blowhole. (This was, after all, our day to just see whatever we wanted as it came. Why not see a blowhole?)

Cool blowhole!


nerak said...

- That breakfast picture of me is a major major struggle. Wow.

- I don't remember the name of that place either, I just like to call it 'Fern Gully.'

- Yes for inappropriate footwear (impressive memory!) and changing outfits!

- For two girls who admittedly hate hiking, we were pretty hard core this day.

Cyn said...

Finally, more Australia pictures. Teddy's lookout is a funny story. I love love love the photo you called "your best". I have to agree.

Rae said...

Karen, your comment about us both hating hiking reminded me that we discovered it on that stupid Teddy's Lookout hike. Haha, I totally thought you were a hiker and you said weren't and I was like, "You're not?? Neither am I! I totally thought you loved it." Ha! I love that we realized that at the end of our trip.