Sunday, January 24, 2010

The daily ten

Jamie started the daily ten! (I'd link, but she's private.) I love spreading the positivity.
I sat on my couch for 14 hours today working on a big project and it's almost complete. (Yes, 14 hours, I'm exhausted, and also had little interaction with people so this could be a boring daily ten.)
Rice pudding leftovers. Mmmm.
Did my laundry. Love fresh sheets.
Ashley stopped by and hung out for a bit.
Jeff sent me some sweet Brazilian tunes.
Ed invited me to be his "arm candy" on the skating rink at Rockefeller Center. I love that kid.
Meet the Parents was on tv and made for some great background entertainment while I worked on the project.
Maria, Ashley, and I decided to get Burger Burger for dinner and it was soooo delicious.
I tried my hair curly for the first time since I cut it really short and it didn't look hideous. (Although my hair isn't half as curly as it used to be, what's up with that??)


chiggidy said...

loving the daily 10's. i sorta want to copy? might i obtain your permission?

maggie said...

love fresh sheets, might have to try rice pudding some day, love "meet the parents" funny, and have been enjoying reading your daily 10's...