Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The daily ten

My coworker told me an amazing story of his dad being raised in an orphanage in Greece after both his parents were killed in WWII, and then going on to find his wife, move to America, and create a life for his family. Truly the American dream. Such a neat story.
Got out of work right when I planned.
Woke up much before my alarm.
Girl date with Reag. Lots of Piper Jane stories. Loved it.
A daunting task at work ended up not being so difficult.
My coworker offered to share his cab with me, and wouldn't let me pay.
More progress on the project.
A nice fb message from an old flame.
Got an email from a childhood friend about her upcoming visit to the city.
I worked up the nerve to start knocking on doors and targeted our neighborly pot smokers and asked them to tone it down a bit.

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