Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Australia: Day 8, Ayer's Rock, part I

**I am officially lame. I never finished my Australia posts. I guess I got a bit overwhelmed. The below two paragraphs, and first photo caption, were written back in September, and here it is, another four months later. Where does the time go?? I will finish blogging this trip before the year mark hits! I should probably just give it up, but I can't help myself....

Are you getting sick of hearing about Australia yet? Probably. It's been four months since I went, and I haven't finished the travelogue yet. Who am I? I guess life's been a bit busier since summer hit, and as you're aware the internet sucked at my apartment, but, woohoo! I moved yesterday and hurray! Internet that works all the time! Three cheers for internet!
Anyway, at this point I'm sure I'm just blogging for myself (and maybe Karen) but that's just fine with me.

We thought a lot about if we should make the effort to go so far out of our way (not to mention all the extra $$) just to see a big rock in the middle of nowhere. I mean, would it really be worth it? In the end we decided we should go for it. I mean, who's to say I'll ever be in Australia again? For the record, it was, totally worth it. We were only in the Outback for 24 hours, which was more than enough time. I mean, there really is NOTHING there. And the flies alone will drive you insane.

Just before boarding the flight in.....gosh, where were we in this photo, Karen? I can't even remember. Horrible. Oh, yes! We had a layover in Carnes. Yes, now we're boarding for Ayer's Rock. Don't judge me, we took 11 flights.

Just about to land in the Outback. That's all you see for miles.

The lone landing strip for the tiniest airport ever.

I just realized I'm so guilty of that annoying face/peace sign pose. I'll work on that.

Aaaaand there it is again, but this isn't the fact I'm referring to (you know, the puckered lip one.) On our shuttle bus to our hostel.

Note to self: invest in a nice camera before my next big trip. The colors of the Outback were incredible. These pics don't do justice.

So excited for our sunset camelback ride!

Yes, the helmets were mandatory.

No, the fly nets were not. Karen eventually gave in though. Those flies were no joke!


I don't mean to brag, but I got this in the first shot, and then spent at least five minutes laughing at Karen's millions of attempts, and extreme frustration that ensued. Sorry Karen, I couldn't help ti.

Our we're-so-sexy-in-our-flynets faces.

A thorny lizard. We just happened across this creature. So cool.

Outback tree.

Outback rainbow.


With Jack. Check him out, all mugging for the camera. Seriously.


Turbo said...

I love those sunset photos. Well done.

Rae said...

Thanks Jake! That's a huge compliment coming from someone who takes such amazing photos! Maybe you guys can teach me a thing or two.

nerak said...

For starters, yes, I'm alive. ;)

Now on to more important things.

1. We look dang good in those helmets. And fly nets. Suuuuuuper attractive and very hard core.

2. At least your peace sign is not as awkward as my "I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-with-my-hands" sign in that bus picture.

3. No worries about commenting on my EXTREME self-op difficulties on that camel trek. It is something I remember vividly as well... in addition to the copious amounts of photographic evidence, of course.

4. Oh man, our guide loved camels more than humans. He seriously had the right job.

5. I have a major soft spot for the outback. I feel like it was a great decision to go!

Ang said...

Yes, totally love the flynets. What a fun trip! Someday...

Chelsie said...

those sunset photos are unreal!