Thursday, January 7, 2010

The daily ten

Finding a very long lost friend on facebook, thanks to some help from another friend. :)
Fourth day on the work out streak. Maybe a personal record. I wish I was joking.
The bama game's on, and they're killing.
It wasn't torture to get out of bed this morning, for the first time this week.
The weather hasn't been terribly cold, even though that's what I'm hearing about virtually every other part of the country.
I ran a little bit longer than I thought I could.
I found some flights to Costa Rica that were cheaper than I'd expected.
All my roommates were home together to watch the game.
I got an email from someone for a project I'm working on that made me so happy.
My boss's wife loved my poppyseed bread.


Jamie said...

mmm...poppyseed bread and cost rica! haha. last night was day 2 of my workout streak...hope i make it 4 like you! good job! and yes, it's been insanely cold in texas!!! i'm NOT a fan!

Michelle said...

Love all the positive energy coming this way! It is refreshing! (Not that you have ever been negative...) Good luck with the work out goals and it is a sign that you found cheaper tickets than you thought to Costa Rica!!! GO!