Monday, January 4, 2010

*The daily ten

My poppyseed loaves turning out, and everyone at work loving them.
The boss man getting me a Diet Dr. Pepper when I was having a serious craving.
Eating Subway for lunch.
Making progress on a gift I'm excited to give.
Tentative out of town plans becoming a little more confirmed.
Running on the treadmill longer than I thought I'd be able to.
Getting an unexpected check in the mail. (It was only $0.01, but at least it made me laugh.)
Something my mom said making me bust out laughing, really hard.
Watching Jersey Shore for the first time with my roommates and laughing really really hard.
Feeling the post-workout high.

*My attempt at focusing on some positives from the day.


Janie's World said...

Good job! Life is better when focused on the positive.

Brad Hope said...

By focusing on the positive, there can not be any reference to Jersey Shore, unless of course you focus on how much better your life is on that side of the river. Yournot caught up in "the situation" or with one of those fat headed people in Jersey. I can say that because I lived there.