Saturday, January 16, 2010

Australia: Day 12, Sydney, part I

Our last stop was the beautiful Sydney. I have to admit, by the time we made it here I was pretty burned out. I was really excited to see the city, but it was also hard to get motivated to be too adventuresome.

Walking around Darling Harbour. I feel so American in this photo.

Karen with a seagull. :)

We decided to have a mellow day at the Sydney Aquarium. It was actually really cool.

Jellies. Aka "stingas"

Walking through this tunnel was my favorite part. It was so cool.

This picture of this manatee cracks me up. He looks so cute.

Scary sting ray!

Nemo! And his little home, that I got to touch when we went scuba diving.

And Dora!

There were these huge Great Whites and they were FREAKY!

The big turtles were so cute! I thought of you Elise. :)

These things are no joke. I am seriously scarred from watching Jaws at too young.

More Darling Harbour.

We spent the evening doing more shopping in a little mall that had some great shops, and then found ourselves along the dock just enjoying the beautiful harbour. It was such a nice way to spend my last night in Australia.

We came across an HSBC and I thought about transferring.

You'd think it'd be pretty simple to remember to look the opposite way while you're crossing. It's not. It wasn't until we got to Sydney (the end of our trip) there were these signs on the streets. So helpful.

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nerak said...

We most certainly made up for lost shopping time during our last 3 days. The New Yorker within us came out in full force! Oh, and remember how we finally found lemon soda this day and loaded up on Aussie treats at the grocery store to take home? I could totally go for some mango licorice and a crumpet right now.