Monday, January 25, 2010

The daily ten

Great day at church. I always leave feeling uplifted and happy.
Skipped Sunday School (woops) because I ended up catching up with Bryndee and chatting forever about traveling. Japan this year? Okay.
Had great talks in Sacrament Meeting.
Was able to do some visiting teaching.
Got my Sunday nap on (but it was way too late of a nap, oh well.)
After a weekend of doing basically nothing but work for the big project I finally got it done! Now just have to wait for it to arrive. (Will fill you in on this in a couple weeks.)
Beat my high score on Doodle Jump.
Found out Lindsey's coming for sure in February.
Made brownies.
Chatted with Sara about my new calling.

*By the way, a few of you have asked about why I switched phones. To clear it up, I didn't. I still have (and love) my iPhone. I was just given a blackberry for work. That's why I'm not too stoked about it. I'm on a leash! (But so far it's been totally fine.)


Brad Hope said...

By getting a Blackberry for 'work' you mean getting a device that 'works' as a phone, not one that each time you try to make a call you find out someone else in the city already tied up that line.... :)

Michelle said...

YES! I say go to Japan! That would be awesome!