Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The daily ten

Getting an email that honestly made me laugh out loud at my desk the whole time I was reading it. So funny.
Emailing my aunt.
Rekindling a facebook friendship.
Not being caught in a bad romance.
Flipping through the guide and coming across an ANTM marathon...from season 1.
Making quasi plans with a good buddy for next week.
Unexpected free lunch.
Crushing on a Brit.
My nails are the perfect length.
Ash and I discussed adult gymnastics at Chelsea Piers.


brenna said...

Oh ANTM marathons... Did you order some Papa Johns breadsticks to go with it?

Lisa said...

I LOVE antm season one! It was before Tyra got too annoying to watch the show. I think the daily ten is a great way to notice all the positive things in your day!

Debbie said...

I love your daily 10....what a great idea!

Nadia said...

Crushing on a Brit... like Bear. I knew you would see it my way:)