Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday's daily ten

Got my W2.
BFF Mikey agreed to do my taxes, and we talked about how it's our 3rd annual tax date.
Before taxes MJP took me to a delicious dinner at Spice and then we grabbed some Rice to Riches (my first time.) So delicious!
Got some great old school photos from my mom I've never seen.
Had a pleasant experience at the Duane Reade by my house (something rare.)
Had enough rice pudding to save for later. Mmmmm, so delicious.
Came across a hilarious video of a friend online.
My dad had a goal to go to every MLB park and keep a ticket stub from the game. For Christmas we all chipped in and gave him money so he could frame the stubs, as well as some photos from games. He finally got the the final product back yesterday and is so excited about it. Made me so happy.
Beat my high score on Doodle Jump.
Was super disappointed that my tax return wouldn't be what I was expecting, but still really glad I don't owe anything.

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NY Topper said...

Thanks to you I am now addicted to Doodle Jump as well. What's your high score?