Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The daily ten

I didn't kill anyone at work, despite my extremely frustrating day.
Was able to get together with my Dad and Brad again tonight, and they drove into the city so I didn't have to go to Jersey twice in two days.
Talked with my mom for a bit.
Took my dad and brother to dinner at Liberty View Chinese and they loved it. (It's always frustrating to take visitors to dinner in the city and have a bad experience.)
Got home around 8pm, which was so nice since I was out so late last night and have to go out tomorrow night.
My dad was able to park his car for a really cheap rate.
I figured out what looked like a mistake I had made doing someone's expenses, wasn't a mistake at all. Someone just misunderstood something.
Got home from work and Jeff was at my apartment.
Had maybe the best sweet and sour chicken ever (minus the china man in Harlem. That was the BEST, every time.)
Britt and I had a good laugh at the introduction of the President at the State of the Union Address. Kind of country bumpkinish. Embarrassing.