Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The daily ten

Tried curling my hair a bit when I didn't feel like/have time to straighten it, and really liked the result.
Went to take passport photos and found out you're not allowed to smile anymore! But the good part is, the photo guy told me to smile with my eyes. Ha! He must be a closet Tyra fan. Also, he kept taking my photo till there was a decent one. (It took four takes.)
Got to leave work at 3pm.
Was reminded how much I love my dermatologist when he told me I was glowing and must be drinking more water (he's right!)
Got home about an hour and a half earlier than I normally would but it felt like it was hours earlier since it was still light outside.
Watched Precious and was super thankful for the family I was born into.
The 1 train pulled up just as I got to the platform. Didn't have to run down the steps, just casually walked down as I heard it coming, swiped my metro card and got to the edge of the platform right as the doors opened (and got a seat.) Something only users of public transportation can appreciate.
Saw a blind guy navigating the streets with a cane and was reminded how blessed I am.
Tore a massive hole in a favorite pair of jeans, which is a huge bummer, but it gave Maria and me a huge laugh.
A great dinner with roommates.

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Jamie said...

did my first 'daily ten' yesterday :)