Saturday, November 24, 2007

$56 later....

After watching Oprah's Favorite Things and seeing Josh Groban perform a song from his Christmas CD, I had to run out and get it.  Last night I ran across the street to Borders to get this:

and ended up walking out with this (inspired by Elise,)

Sawdust by the Killers (because they're my favorite band....sorry, blogger was being lame and wouldn't let me upload the pic of the cd cover,)

this (because who doesn't love People's Sexiest Man issue?)

and this (because this winter is brutal on my lips!)

Turns out it was a more expensive trip than I'd anticipated.  So far I listened to the J-Grob cd and it's really good.  And I didn't even realized until after I'd bought it that the Mo-Tab is on the last track.  Sweet!  


Elise said...

ahhh... the pictures aren't showing up! What did you buy?!

linds said...

Ok, so after watching Oprah's favorite things, I now own Josh's christmas CD, the Pillar's of the Earth book, and Crocheted Uggs. I got paranoid that they were going to be sold out by Christmas and decided I needed them NOW. Also, my dad insisted my mom buy one thing from Oprah's favorite things for her birthday. She came home with the mixing bowls. I was like, "What happened to the fridge?"

Elise said...

Do you love the CD?