Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting

I was so excited for the tree lighting.  I saw it being put up a few weeks ago, and have walked by it a few times since.  Chelsie and I got over to Rockefeller Center about 2 hours before the program started at 7pm.  We quickly decided we didn't want to stand around in the cold and crowds until the program started, and then have to wait two more hours until they lit the tree at 9pm.  We were kinda bummed because the performers scheduled were: Celine Dion, Barry Manilow, Ashley Tisdale, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Josh Groban.  
We did get to hear a couple performers a few times just as we were walking around, but there was no way we could get close enough, and then wanted to wait forever, to actually see them.  Nick Lachey and Ashley Tisdale were the hosts, who we saw, and Al Roker was the host for the NBC tv special.

This picture is kind of blurry because we had to take it quickly since they wouldn't let people stop there.
We decided to go get something to eat to kill some time.  Then we headed over to Virgin Megastore, because there's always so many things to look at there, and then went to Starbucks before heading back for the lighting.
The tree before it was lit.
We were seriously SO SMASHED in the crowds.  Chelsie got shoved back a little behind me.  It was seriously ridiculous how packed it was.  We watched from 5th Ave at 50th St, which is probably the main spot to watch from.  You get a head on view.  I literally have never been so smashed in my life.  I'm sure if I picked up my feet I wouldn't have even budged because I was so wedged between people.  It surprised me how angry people got at others for not moving out of their way when they were trying to just pass through.  Honestly, there was NO where to go!!  Nothing like a nice holiday tradition to bring out the best in people....
The tree in all its glory!!
Here's the video I took of the countdown to the lighting.  Enjoy!


Nerak said...

Lolololove that picture of Chelsie. CLASSIC.

Steve and Rebecca said...

How fun!! Ryan loved watchin the video of the tree light up again, and again, and again

Elise said...

Fun!! Props for sticking it out in the crowd. I would have had a panic attack or meltdown or something.

Katie McNeil said...

thank you for the video!! cameron and i braved the crowds but gave up. at one point i heard a fat guy scream, "I F***ING HATE CHRISTMAS!!" then this cop was like, "Don't blame me! Blame the tree!" hahaha. again, only in ny.