Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SATC sighting #1

It's not a secret that Sex and the City the movie has been filming all over Manhattan.  They started shooting back in September, I think.  Obviously I was thrilled for many reasons.  (For all you readers who are totally appalled I subject myself to such trash, I'm sorry!  It's a horrible guilty pleasure.)  Anyway, the numero uno reason I was totally stoked was because finally, after months and months of living here, finally, after hoping and wishing, finally, after failed attempts, finally, I had a real chance of seeing the epitome of the NYC girl.  The New York-based celebrity I've been dying over the most to see.  That's right everybody, your friend and mine, Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker, or, as I prefer, SJP.
I read in my trusty Post (which I now take daily thank you very much) one day that the previous day they'd started filming.  They filmed a scene with SJP and Chris Noth, right in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art....only about a mile and a half up 5th Ave from my office!  Obviously I was mad I'd missed it, but excited because this meant there'd be opportunities to watch!  There was also a tip to where they were supposedly filming that day!  You'd better believe I took a lunch and marched myself up to 77th St and Lexington on the upper east side to check it out!
SJP wasn't in the scene they were shooting, but it was still really exciting to see Chris Noth and Kristin Davis, aka, Mr. Big and Charlotte York.

They filmed this scene a bunch of times where (a very preggers) Charlotte comes running out of this restaurant, Lumi, and Big comes chasing after her.  She's yelling at him about something, and then her water breaks.  She tries to hail a cab, which didn't stop, but then luckily Big had his driver there, so they hop in and take off.

Sorry this picture is such bad quality, it was taken from across the street, and it was starting to get a little dark at this point.  Chris was getting his hair fixed up (by the way, Kristin was wearing a TON of makeup.)  All of us fans were standing there, watching in awe, and finally, without thinking, I just yelled, "Chris!"  He turned, and then I waved, and then he smiled and waved, and then everyone else waved, and then we all laughed.  I felt a little dumb and just said, "You're welcome!"  (to the other fans.)  They laughed and I said, "Oh you know you all wanted to do the same thing."  It was awesome!!

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linds said...

First of all, I love that you exerience a piece of celebrity life everyday almost. Also, so cool that you know Meggan. We worked together at Nordstrom. She's great!