Friday, November 16, 2007

Erin back in town

Eating at Southern Hospitality

Please disregard how chubby I look in these pics!

Me and Mike Perkes

Derek Jeter at bat.  Amazing.

My friend Erin Dominguez came into town for work in September.  She was out here last April and will be coming out about once every quarter.  She does PR for Fredericks of Hollywood and is totally fabulous.  When she comes she stays at the Bryant Park Hotel which is super posh, and conveniently located just a couple shops down the block from my work.  She gets to expense everything so we always have a great time eating at delicious restaurants.  Last time we went to Koi and Serendipity* (yes, and we had the frozen hot chocolate.  DIVINE.)
This time we ate at Southern Hospitality, Justin Timberlake's restaurant, which really wasn't as great as I'd anticipated.  Erin also came to a Yankees game with me and a couple of my friends.  
Of course we had a blast gossiping, and catching up on everyone with whom we grew up (our families have lived across the street from each other since 1993.)
Can't wait for her to come back this winter!

*Sidenote regarding Serendipity....I just read in the paper that they got closed down by the health department!  There were mouse droppings, over 100 roaches, and a live mouse running around was even spotted.  Sick!  This is a nice place though, in a nice part of town on the east side, so I guess it's safe to say it probably happens to everyone.  Still kind of made me sick/sad.


Elise said...

You look cute with your hair curled. Did you do it with the curling iron? I've never seen it like that.

Rae said...

Thanks! I did it with the flat iron (just curled the hair around it.)
I don't do it very often because it always ends up more curly than I want it to, and it takes a while. Maybe I'll do it when I'm home one day if I get ambitious. :)
PS Only you would be up blogging at 7:30am on a Sat. :)
I miss your posts!
PPS I love that we're both blogging.

Jake, Cindy & Blaine said...

oh shut your look so cute and not "chubby." fun to see erin. i haven't seen her since we t.p.ed her house in 8th grade! :) good old days.
**by the way, i tagged you on my blog, go check it out*** sorry, but it was done with LOVE!