Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

I was really expecting to have so much down time this weekend, since I wasn't going anywhere and all my roommates were leaving, and I'd have the apartment to myself.  Anyway, here's a recap of my Thanksgiving weekend, followed by a list of things I'm thankful for.
Initially, I was planning on going to Boston for the weekend, to spend it with Brad and Nadia. however I had to work part of the day Friday, so I just stayed in town.  Of course I would have loved to be with two of my favorite people, however I had a total blast hanging out in the city as well.
Wednesday we got out of work at 2.  I met up with Mike and went and looked at some display windows around town.  (Pics to come.)  One of the stores I looked at (before Mike met me) was Saks 5th Ave.  I haven't been in this store yet, but have been meaning to go because the shoe department on the 8th floor is so big it has it's own area code!!  It was obviously AMAZING.  I felt pretty intimidated because obviously I don't look like a typical Saks 5th Ave shopper.  I did, however, try on the pair of Christian Louboutins I've been dying over.  I'm not exaggerating when I say they were like HEAVEN when I slipped them on.  Obviously I walked away empty handed.  One day...
After Mike met up with me and we looked at different shops we headed over to to the west side to check out the balloons that were blown up for the parade the next day (again, pics to come.)  On our way over we ran into Charlie, one of the guys I work for.  He's so nice.  It's so weird how Manhattan has literally millions of people, but you still run into people.  Like the time I ran into Crissy and Brian Sharp, with whom I went to college, when they were visiting New York.
Looking at the balloons was cool.  I was glad I went, but wouldn't really need to go again.  We saw Mayor Bloomberg, so that was kind of neat.  After Mike dropped me off at the subway he ran into him, and got to talk to him for a second.
I went and got my nails done, and then by the time I got home it was 9:15pm.  I had to run to the market, grab a few things, and then make dessert.  I wasn't done until about 10:45!  I was absolutely exhausted and slept like a rock that night.
Thursday morning Mike and I met to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade at about 7am.  It was the most gorgeous day!  Seriously, sunny, and up in the 60s.  Couldn't be better.  The parade was fun to go to, but again, another thing I don't really need to do again.  We stayed for most of it, and saw some fun celebrities in the parade like Jordan Sparks, Ashley Tisdale, Good Charlotte, and Bindi Irwin.  I was really bummed though, because I never got to see Dolly Parton, or Santa, who closes the parade.  Oh well, we still had a blast.
After the parade I came home and desperately needed a nap.  I laid down on the couch and passed out.  I think this is the first time I've ever slept out front, and when I woke up I was seriously so confused.  Since my building used to be an office building, the window in my bedroom is a pretend one, so no matter what time of day, it's always pitch black when the lights are off, which I really like.  However, I had slept so hard during that nap, then when I woke up, and it was so light, I couldn't figure out where I was or what time/day it was.  When I finally started to get some clarity I looked at the clock and it was 2:56.  I was supposed to be at dinner at 2!!  Luckily they weren't planning on eating until 3.  I jumped up and got ready super quickly, then took the train clear up to Harlem, to eat with about 25 friends.  We had a great time.  The food was great, the hosts did such a phenomenal job, and everything was just perfect.
When I was heading home I rode the train with my friend Curtis, because he lives just a couple blocks away.  We chatted the whole train ride and then decided to hang out, since it was only about 7 or so.
Friday I went into work and got out about 1.  I was SO tired, as I didn't sleep very well the night before.  I needed to go home and veg.  I chilled out till about 6 and then ran a couple errands.  Curtis came over at 8:30, and then we went to eat at a cute little restaurant called Ulysses.  A girl from our ward was our server so that was fun.  Then after that we headed to the movies to see August Rush.  It was SO cold when we were walking home.  
Today Curtis came over again and we had the laziest day ever, just sitting around in my apartment, eating, watching tv, and chatting.  It was a good day.  Finally about 5:30 we decided we should be at least a little productive, so he left and I went grocery shopping, did some laundry, and am now trying to catch up on the blogging.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  In closing, here are just some of the things for which I am so very thankful:
  • My family, including my in-laws who fit in like they've been a part of us from the start
  • My wonderful friends from all different phases of life
  • The church to which I belong, for so many reasons; I would be so lost without it
  • The Lord's hand in my life; without it, I would have no direction
  • A job that helps me pay my bills, and lets my indulge in a few things here and there
  • The most wonderful boss, who takes such good care of me, is a good friend, and all around good guy
  • Angels in my life, who are the constant beams which support me
  • My health, and my family's health
  • My niece and nephew, who are like a slice of Heaven
  • The growth I've had through trials
  • The ability to make it on my own in New York City
  • Blessings upon blessings I was given by loving parents while growing up, that put me at an advantage and helped me to be able to spread my wings and fly alone
  • A nice apartment to come home to every day
  • Being able to live in the US
  • All the people who've gone before me, who've willingly sacrificed so much, for so many things from the freedom of this country, to the LDS church


Steve and Rebecca said...

Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving! We missed you though.

mel said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSss i found you... i love you. i'm "adding" you... yes, i'm just NOW figuring out how to work this crap. xoxo

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